July 6, 2009

Vote for the ReelzChannel TwiCon Correspondent

Reelzchannel is looking for their next TwiCon correspondent, and they need your input:
On May 27, 2009, Twi-Moms, Twi-Hards, and Twi-Fans from all parts of the country headed to New York City ready to showcase their Twilight knowledge and on-the-spot reporting skills. Why? For the chance to become our guest correspondent for TwiCon.

We've narrowed it down to six finalists -- who all who make their case in Meet the TwiCon Fan Correspondent Finalists. Which fan do you think should help us cover TwiCon? Cast your vote by July 17. Then be sure to tune in on July 27th to find out who's going to Dallas.
Jessica Gueco, a.k.a. Yoshi from WhattheForks, is one of the six finalists, and she submitted the above awesome video. After Yoshi blogged about meeting *TwiCrack* in Vancouver, how could I not vote for her? :-)

"meeting TWICRACK at the bourbon"

Yup. There I am - TwiCrack. Thanks, Jessica! :-)

But seriously, in addition to Jessica, there are 5 other great, enthusiastic contestants (one even gives blood in honor of Twilight), and it's a tough choice!

You can view all fun video entries, make your decision and vote
here for the TwiFan you think ought to be sent to TwiCon. Good luck, ladies!

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