July 28, 2009

Volturi Merch!

Adding to the New Moon merch wolf pack and Cullen bling the Volturi now have their own line... sparkly as it is, I don't get who'd buy this - does a "Team Aro" even exist?!

Thanks lissiedllen and Ashley TWA

- Lorabell


  1. This makes me happy because it means they'll hopefully be tons of wolf pack stuff too.

  2. lol, i'm TOTALLY Team Aro!!! hehe. He's totally the guy you love to hate. And i think if he wasnt so "i want to rule the world" he'd be a good guy and we wouldn't be so ani-Volturi hehe.

  3. Plenty of guys will buy it. My son thinks it's awesome. I like that Summit is thinking out of the box & is reaching out to more than just the women of Twilight. :)

  4. I would buy this.. I like the Volturi..
    yeah, i know they supposed to be the bad guys, but I don't see them in that light... yeah, they eat peaople. yeah, they crave for ore and more power.. but that's not the worst thing in the world!

    And this Volturi merch looks much more appealing than Cullens.. :)

  5. @Aija I have to totally agree. I'd buy all that Volturi stuff up. It's pretty and it lets real fans know that you're a Twihard while all the other un-enlightened people think my name starts with a V. =D


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