July 24, 2009

Video Coverage of New Moon Panel in Hall H! **SQUEE**

I am in love with Trina right now because Trina, a.k.a. PrincessCrap on YouTube sent along a link to these *awesome* HallHCoverage videos with us!! Thanks for sending, Trina.

In addition, bellasOring has another perspective of the Hall H event, and focuses on the big Video screens and you can see all the Twilight fans who asked questions:

Favourite Tweet from Hall H care of S_D_Comic_Con - "New Moon: Scream, awkward question, awkward response, hand through hair, scream." LOL!
- Lorabell


  1. i like the way rob and kristen glance at each other :)

  2. I love kristen but i got to say that she totally acts like she was HIGH, and i know what that looks like cause ive been there.
    out of all of them aside from Chris Taylor is the more elocuent and poised which is funny seeing as he is the younger on.
    Kristen and Rob are just really good friends people, get over your Robsten fantasy alreade.

  3. I could watch Taylor talk all day long!

  4. This was so amazing to watch!! It was like I was there!! Thanks all.


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