July 23, 2009

Details about the New Moon Booth & Merchandise Preview

MTV Hollywood Crush describes this bigger & better booth, which you can watch a video of here!
This year, “New Moon” mania is in full effect. An impressive booth sits in the middle of the convention floor, showing off three enormous character photos of Rob, Kristen and Taylor Lautner. A spinning, “Let’s Make a Deal”-like wheel gives fans the opportunity to win all kinds of “Twilight” swag, and the lines promise to be as long as the list of high schools the Cullens have attended.

The coolest part of the booth, however, once again revolves around a photo op — although this year’s is far cooler. You can sit in a massive Volturi-style chair just like those soon to be occupied on screen by the vampire coven from Volterra, Italy. After the studio takes your photo, however, they’ll superimpose the actual Italian background from the “New Moon” flick, and then e-mail it to you. How cool is that?
Also, here is a video that shows a preview of all the cool new New Moon merchandise on display - holy crow, I want those trading cards!


  1. I wonder how much that Jacob is going to cost?

  2. Oooh!I want everything!!!!!!!Everything!I MEAN IT!I NEED TO GET THE EDWARD , ALICE AND JAKE DOLLIES!I went to Hot Topic and the backpacks are a little small for me.I want the Wolf pack Tatoo so fuckin' bad!My bday gifts & Christmas are going to be easy ; My bday is in Otober 25th and i want the ALL the dolls.Oooh!I'm so exicted!


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