July 24, 2009

Twilight Lexicon's Comic Con Report: Press Conference & New Moon Panel

See tons of awesome pics at Robert Pattinson Who

Twilight Lexicon gives their account of today's Comic Con events. Here is a cool excerpt from their Press Conference coverage:
After that the panel discussion began. Rob seemed truly jet lagged but managed a couple of funny one liners like when asked by an LA TV Station “What question did he never want to be asked again?” He responded, “I don’t know, what is it like to kiss Taylor Lautner.” The room cracked up but Taylor didn’t hear the answer at first because he was saying something to Kristen. He had this hilarious “hmm obviously I missed something” look on his face and then just went to the million dollar smile and everyone cracked up again.
And here is a funny excerpt from their New Moon Panel experience:
One of the most memorable questions was when they were all asked about what they were looking forward to doing in future films. Ashley said she wanted to do the heavy fight scene in Eclipse. Taylor said he was looking forward to the deeper love triangle and the tent scene. But it was Rob and Kristen’s answers that really got the crowd reaction. Kristen said she couldn’t wait to REALLY get pregnant, putting a jib in the many media outlets that was posted rumors to the fact that she was already pregnant. Then Rob said he was looking forward to the cesarean birth in Breaking Dawn.
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  1. [if i may...] GAH!!! SO much Comic Con coverage, so little time before I have to stop reading blogs and go back to work... Oh and sleep...

    TwiLife is Good.

    : )

  2. P.S. Holy effing Robward almost 4 million hits - wowsers!! You rock... Congrats!!!


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