July 23, 2009

TwiHards Talk about their TwiTats

Bellasugar.com interiews 13 TwiHards about their Twilight Tattoos! Sheila's tattoo is featured above, and here is what she reveals about the significance of her tattoo:
What does the tattoo signify for you?

Twilight means a lot to me. It got me closer to my mom and made me realize how much I love to read. I love the world Stephenie created. It was a turning point in my life, one of those "before" and "after" events in your life that you remember perfectly.
*Sniffle* How sweet. Check out all 13 tales here.


  1. Cool! I always wanted to get a tatoo. I just didn't want to end up with somthing that ten years down the road Id be cringing in embarassment from.

    I have three sons, my two eldest have autism. Needless to say our lives revolve around their theray and schooling. Twilight is somthing that has literally saved my sanity. I love my kids and give every last bit of myself to them, but there are times when I need "me time", to rejuvinate, and Twilight gives me that. So yeah, I could see myself getting a Cullen tat. A perminant thankyou to Stephenie.

  2. I like the tiny ones. Like "be safe".

  3. i have a question.. is the cullen crest actually in the book cause i dont remember!


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