July 20, 2009

TwiGuy Joel Sends Me a Gift: London Film and Comic-con Pics

All I can think about is Eric Yorkie saying, "La Push, baby, La push..."

Everybody seems to know that I have a soft-spot for hunky werewolves. :-) With that in mind, TwiGuy Joel took some extra pics of Alex Meraz at London Film & Comic-Con and sent them to me, along with these others.

Thanks, Joel!


  1. Oh, Joel is too cute. I just want to pinch his cheeks. Hmph, I think I'm turning into my grandmother - yep, it's true, there is a tissue tucked in my sleeve.

  2. Agh!I'm so jealous!I <3 me Alex (Paul)!Yummy!

    Alex (Paul) looks so smexy , cute! =)

  3. Too cute indeed!! It is nice not see a screaming girl, but a nice young man!!


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