July 23, 2009

This pic needed its own post!

Thank you Robert Pattinson Who - this pic makes me *giggle* :D

- Lorabell

UPDATE: Sorry, I just have to add this one too *melts* oh to run my fingers through that hair... then his hands can be somewhere else... what? Oh, nothing :D


  1. Aww how adorable does he look? ^_^

  2. Nice. Is there a complete video posted yet?

  3. CHiP really adorable.I (heart) that sexy beast who's name is Rob!

  4. Unfortunately I couldn't go to comic con but it's weird.....I actually had a dream that I went and that Rob was wearing flannel like this, omg! I know I'm crazy!

  5. He looks so adorably sleepy. I want to give him a pillow and a blanket. Poor Rob. He's probablly has jet lag. He doesn't even have to try to look hot...he just is!


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