July 27, 2009

Testing Out that TayStew Chemistry

MTV interviewed TayStew about their chemistry:
"It's not tough when you're working with someone like this," Lautner insisted, moments after KStew responded to the chemistry question by leaning over and fake-kissing the hunky actor who packed on more than 30 pounds of muscle for the sequel. "[Stewart] is extremely talented."

"And it's such a different relationship," added Stewart, who couldn't possibly look any more anti-Bella these days as she finishes up work on her "Runaways" biopic about rocker Joan Jett, with short black hair and a Minor Threat T-shirt as her Comic-Con attire. "It's entirely original."
Read the rest at MTV.

Thanks, Alma & AshleyTWA!


  1. I love that she really understands Bella.

  2. @Juju - no kidding! And not only does she understand Bella but she ADORES Bella. I really have never understood the Kristen haters for that reason specifically.

  3. Both of the MTV interviews are very well done by Kristen. Don't know if this was taped before or after the panels, but she looks to be in a better mood and not at all awkward!

  4. Was she just about to put her hair in her mouth and then suddenly realize she was in front of a camera?

    Oh boy...

  5. I fluctuate between admiring Kristens understanding of Bella, then getting annoyed by Kristens herself. I don't know why. She has this uncanny ability to act like a mental moron in interviews, then turn around and say somthing extremely profound. It's like she has two personalities. Don't get me wrong, I like Kristen, she's the perfect Bella, but somtimes her awkwardness gets in the way of her professionalism. Im sounding stuck up, I'll shut up now. =(


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