July 8, 2009

Taylor Lautner will attend Comic Con too :-)

Look who else is gonna be at Comic Con, in addition to KStew & Rob:
TL Daily has confirmed that Taylor Lautner will be attending Comic-Con International 2009 in San Diego!!! We contacted his publicist directly and spoke with Annick, and she confirmed that Taylor will attend Comic-con, pending scheduling conflicts.
Thanks, Coral!


  1. How do you go about going to Comic Con? Do you need to buy a ticket or something? Because I'm seriously considering dusting off my knee socks, Mary Janes and baby doll dress so I can look completely ridiculous while being fully inappropriate with men old enough to be my children.

  2. LOL, Pinky u are hilarious. I think it's sold out, but I'm not sure...

  3. *This just in . . . *

    "Juju has booked a plane to San Diego!"

    (ha, that's what you get when you're notorious for being 'Team Jacob,' girl, ha ha! j/k)


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