July 23, 2009

Taylor & Gal-pal Out at Chipotle

How NOT seventeen does Taylor look here?!

Radar Online posted a photo of Taylor supposedly out with his sister Makena, which I wasn't going to blog until I realized... she's wearing a Bella St Jude bracelet!

Five bucks she's Team Edward ;)

- Lorabell

UPDATE: Gossip Girls identifies this chick as Taylor's friend, Sara Hicks, not his sister. See more pics of Taylor out with *somebody* at Gossip Girls.


  1. Ahahahaha! She has to be team Edward. As a sister you have to urk your sibling. It's in the sibling contract.

    I love the way Taylor dresses. The shirt accentuates his wonderful physique.

  2. Ya thats his ex girlfriend who he dated for awhile in high school for awhile (Taylor said so himself, and tons of pics of them kissing lol)

  3. Hot D*MN he's gorgeous and SO not 17!

  4. her name is Sara Hicks, ex girlfriend

  5. sara hicks, cousin of some girls i went to church with/my family goes to church with. they are ex's. well, a source said they're still dating... however, this source is also 12 years old...so, you decide. don't want to spread false truths around, it's just what i've heard.


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