July 30, 2009

Summit Strikes Back

Summit issued a response regarding Rachelle's Access Hollywood statement:

We at Summit Entertainment are disappointed by Rachelle Lefevre’s recent comments which attempt to make her career choices the fault of the Studio. Her decision to discuss her version of the scheduling challenges publicly has forced the Studio to set the record straight and correct the facts.

- Ms. Lefevre’s representatives were advised as early as April that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE was expected to start shooting in early August.

- If Ms. Lefevre was, as she describes “passionate,” about being part of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, we feel that she and her representatives would have included us in her decision to work on another film that would conflict with the shooting schedule of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.

- It was not until July 20th that Summit was first informed of Ms. Lefevre’s commitment to BARNEY’S VERSION, a commitment we have since been advised she accepted in early June. Summit had acted in good faith that she would be available to fulfill her obligations both in terms of rehearsals and shooting availability for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. We feel that her choice to withhold her scheduling conflict information from us can be viewed as a lack of cooperative spirit which affected the entire production.

- Furthermore Ms. Lefevre took a role in the other film that places her in Europe during the required rehearsal time, and at least ten days of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE’s principal photography. This period is essential for both rehearsal time with the cast, and for filming at key locations that are only available during the initial part of production.

- Contrary to Ms. Lefevre’s statement, it is simply untrue that the Studio dismissed her over a ten day overlap. It is not about a ten day overlap, but instead about the fact that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is an ensemble production that has to accommodate the schedules of numerous actors while respecting the established creative vision of the filmmaker and most importantly the story.

The fact remains that Ms. Lefevre’s commitment to the other project – which she chose to withhold from Summit until the last possible moment – makes her unfortunately unavailable to perform the role of Victoria in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.

Thanks, Alexis from Radaronline & Ashley TWA!


TCA Talks Back

So, now that I've had time to digest this diatribe, I am deeply disappointed by Summit's response. Alright, alight, so there was some kind of timing & communication SNAFU, and Rachelle burned some bridges by putting her heart on her sleeve by expressing her disappointment publicly.

So things didn't work out. Fine. But coming back with a strong-armed bullying response? A little contrition and sensitivity would've gone a long way to mitigating fan fervor. Instead, your letter just may have achieved the opposite. Why knock her when she's already down? We Twilight fans are still gonna pay to see your damn movie. Geesh.



P.S. For the record, we can't possibly have any clue about what really went down, and I am not in any position to judge who should play Victoria. I just think that there were probably more constructive ways for Summit to respond -- A little sugar to make the bitter pill go down, you know?


  1. How professional of Summit to blame this all on Rachelle. Shame on them.

    They could have made it worked if they really wanted to. I feel horrible for her.

    You suck Summit.


  3. I guess she is the only one who cant have another movie going on in between movies. Rob and kristen are filming other movies at this time, so I see no reason why they cant work something out with her.

  4. Yeah, and they already have an actress nailed down nine days later to replace her? With all these "key days" of shooting. Im still dissapointed in Summit. They should of made something work, Rachelle is a huge character in Eclipse. I feel so bad for Rachelle :(

  5. ummmm summit ur stupid.
    dont blame all this shit on rachelle
    this is why ur not known for greatness!

  6. Boo Summit!
    You are the villian in this situation and nothing you can say will make Twilighters side with you. You can't blame Rachelle. Expect piles of hate mail ASAP!

  7. This is so unprofessional of Summit to respond in such a fashion. How awful. They are acting like the big studios now. Shame on them.

    Bring Rachelle back!

  8. Does Summit think that this statement is going to make us hate rachelle and not want her back?
    VERY mature.
    now I want her back even more.

  9. its like Summit's the little whiny baby... Rachelle meant no harm, and hopefully all she said is/was the truth... Summit just wants to blame it all on her.. We all still will go pay to watch the twilight saga movies... its like now Summit the little baby is the holder of The Twilight Saga movies, and it seems really, really unprofessional and childish of them to say all this AND be the people responsible of all the movies of our beloved books.

  10. Lisa makes a good point.

    And they've made adjustments for other supporting cast members. They've got a money maker that they're rushing. They could take a hot minute to work in her ten days of filming.

    I've never seen the Summit group...but whereas I was seeing them as 60+ yr old grey haired men. Afer that statement I'm seeing them as a bunch of 20+ year old film school graduates...wet behind the ears. They're making knee-jerk decisions and not thinking about the big picture or the consequences of what they're doing.

    I'm continuing my email and letter writing. I'm feeling a mix of being ignored...and yet manipulated. Summit, you wouldn't be on the map if it weren't for the hugeness that has become the Twilight fandom. Come on, now. Rachelle has an amazing reputation within' the fanbase and we want her to finish out Victoria's journey.

  11. The only way Summit can redeem themselves now is to set their damn pride aside and get Rachelle back ASAP

  12. Summit is feelin' the heat! HooraY.

    Keep calling them.

    310 309 8400

    Let's let them know that we aren't just sheep/fans. And we didn't buy their pitiful "disappointment."

  13. Summit is acting like Rachelle purposely didn't tell them about the "Barney" movie - funny thing is I'm sure Rachelle tweeted about it in early June, so that's bullshit that it was a secret.
    Summit should respect Rachelle much more than this, she has been one of the best and most enthusiastic promoters of this franchise.

  14. As much as THEY were harsh in their way of replying, she should have told them on time about the movie. she knew since JUNE and told them when rehearsal or whatever was to start in 2 weeks.. that really wasnt professional as well..

    i just hope all works out... so sad :(

  15. I'm going to call bullshit.

    First of all, I am going to just put this out there, Catherine and Summit decided to film the fight in 'Twilight' first because Cam was filming another movie (said so in the extra DVD).

    Secondly, Kristen Stewart will not be finished shooting The Runaways until the 2nd week in August from what I have read.


    They are claiming they found out on July 20th. So,they contacted Bryce Dallas Howard, asked her to join, negotiated a salary, got contracts together, and got them signed in 10 days? AND that's with Summit telling Rachelle on the 20th that they would not allow her to miss the rehersals and that they were letting her go from her contract.

    OBVIOUSLY, she did not know about this 7 days ago at COMIC CON !!!! Summit's timing is off.
    After, this comment I doubt she will come back, but honestly it will be hard to watch 'Eclipse' with out thinking about all of this.

  16. fucking Summit needs to shut their fucking faces. Honestly, what kind of a company comes out with a immature and quite bullying public response? Yeesh. Poor Rachelle. All the dumbasses care about is how much money their movie makes.

  17. Also, I wonder what the CREATOR of The Twilight Saga thinks about all this? I bet Stephenie Meyer is pissed.

  18. Finding a replacement in 9 days isn't as preposterous as people think. Some of my job involves casting for different projects, and when put in a pinch you can usually recast pretty quickly. Bryce was probably up for the role initially and they just went to their "back up" pile to see who could fill the role.

    I don't blame Summit for coming back strongly. They were probably fearful fans would boycott or something and wanted to set the record straight. If Rachel committed to the dates, then scheduled another movie over that --- it's HER fault, not theirs. Yes, other actors are shooting other movies --- but they are not conflicting with the schedule. There's a big difference. It costs a lot of money and takes a lot of planning to put together a movie and having a wrench thrown in at the last minute is incredibly stressful for all involved.

    If the movie were as important to her as she says, she wouldn't have scheduled another project that conflicted with it. Period.

  19. I will share my letter with you guys.
    Dear , Summit Entertainment.
    I would like to discuss about Ms.Rachelle Lefevre being replaced by Ms.Bryce Dallas Howard.I and millions of Twihard's like me disagree with your decision about Rachelle being replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard.Summit please let Rachelle finish playing the role of her lovely character 'Victoria' for 'Eclispe' which fliming should start soon.We Twihard's are really bummed about this and the websites that i have visited today has plenty of rude , naughty comment about you.How rude that Summit Entertainment let Rachelle go to the Comic-Con and now replacing her for Ms.Bryce and so much more , not just that.And beacause what you , Summit Entertainment decide yesterday July 28 , 2009 about replacing Rachelle has caused millions of Twihard's on rejecting on seeing the flim 'Eclispe' and for what you decided.It has also caused millions of broken hearts and wish our lovely Rachelle Lefevre , our redheaded Victoria all the luck in the world with her career and will truly miss her in 'Eclispe' and hope to see her soon in the future in other movies.Do you want the obsess Twihard's to start a riot or something just because of our Twilight Rights?For Ms.Lefevre who caught our heart's and attetion.The perfect Victoria , ever!Please think about this decision that your willing to take.Think this through and slowly.just TODAY that this announce came out and published everywhere in the Internet has effected millions of Twihard's everywhere.Think about the obsessive (Twi)Crack fans and the Twilight fan base. , just beacause of Ms.Lefevre leaving the Twilight Saga has made Twihard's to decide willing not to watch 'Eclispe'.This is just the beginning , wait until the end.Yes , I do know were crazy.Each and everyone from the Twilight Cast has touched our heart , and this makes millions of proud Twihard's to have our heart's on our sleeve.This means ALOT to us and if this means litlte to you guys in Summit Entertainment , well you probably will be expecting a riot , many Twihard's coming at you , and i'm sure the Fan Base will be decrease somewhat.In behalf of the Twihard's.
    sincerely ,

  20. Summit didn't answer back in a classy way, but I can not believe that all off you just take Rachelle's side, all of this is because of her still, if she didn't do the other movie, this would not happen. You say that why can't she do other movies when the rest can, well the rest don't do it during the filming, but between it and they have made their plans known a long time ago which has allowed the producers to make some adjusments if necessary. So all in all this is Rachelle's fault, but I still love her and miss her in Eclipse.

    And one thing is for sure, neither of these statements are not the whole truth, Rachelle's is not gonna say 'I was difficult and they fired me' and Summit is not say 'we just wanted to save money'... btw, how can bryce be cheaper that Rachelle?!?!


  22. There's no way Bryce Dallas Howard was cheaper than Rachelle. I just can't see that. I'm on Rachelle's side because of the language and that way the response from Summit was worded. Accusing her of blaming them for her career choices? No "thanks for the work you did with us" or "good luck in your future endeavors"? Just a stfu about the situation because you'e clearly making stuff up. I suspect the truth lies in the middle as it always does but I'm with Rachelle on this. Did they even give her the oppotunity to back out of the other picture? Isn't it her agent's job to negotiate these things? I'm disappointed with Summit's response and have to point out like another commenter that they wouldn't even be on the map were it not for the Twilight franchise and so maybe taking a stab at one of your Twilight actors with such vindictiveness isn't really the way to go. I saw Push and Knowing just because they were Summit releases and wanted to support the "Twilight" studio. Won't be seeing any future Summit releases after Twilight, just on principle.

  23. Is Summit sending their minions out to do damage control? Whatever the case is, it is still disappointing when actors/actresses are replaced because we always will remember Rachelle as Victoria even if Bryce is on the screen.

  24. I like that they say that Eclipse was "expected to start filming in August". If that was the case they should have had the days already blocked off and the contracts in place!!! I like Bryce Howard, but she is no Rachelle!

  25. I agree with "a random chic." I love Rachelle and am sad that this has happened but there are two sides to this story. I think both Rachelle and Summit could have handled things better. It is also true that the rest of the cast is completing their other projects before rehearsals and shooting begins on Eclipse so their situations are not the same as Rachelle's. It would be great if it could all work out for Rachelle to return as Victoria but I'm afraid it's too late for that. No matter what I am still looking forward to Eclipse and hope it will be great!

  26. I agree that their response was unprofessional. I also think that it is Rachelle's fault - but summit doesn't need to be so harsh about it! I know she probably wishes she could do this all over if she could...and hopefully they can work this out.

  27. Here is the link to petition for Rachelle to come back:


  28. Summit probably has some angry secretary who been manning the phone put this out so they sound liek old angry farts.
    If they would have sounded more sincere instead of like anry bullies I wouldn't be so pissed off.

  29. Not trying to be rude but I think the fans should stay out of it. Yes it sucks that she isnt going to be in the movie but if you guys keep complaining about it they could cancel Eclipse..yes they have the power to do that..think about how much money that would save them... Im just saying..this is obviously something personal between the two parties and I think it's best we(the fans) stay out of it and let them battle it out

  30. Well, I definitely don't think something like this is going to keep Summit from making Eclipse. While many fans are upset (and rightfully so), they are still going to see the movie, and Summit knows this. They know how large the Twilight fan base is, and they know they will make a large amount of money from this film.

    I'm one of those fans who adores Rachelle; I've never met her, but from what I've seen of her and how she's interacted with the other cast members, it's a shame she won't be back. She was Victoria to me. However, with that being said, the decision from Summit to replace her is already done. Yes, I think they (Summit and Rachelle) both could have handled the situation much differently. Yes, I think Summit could have done some type of rearranging for Rachelle (although we don't know details of the film's location, other actors schedules, etc., so that may have been costly for them to do). And yes, I think if Rachelle was really that dedicated to the role, she would not have accepted another film during the time Eclipse was to be filmed, (I also understand her wanting to branch out, and this film is a great opportunity for her).

    Basically, I know I tend to babble, but the idea is there are two sides to every story, and we really don't know what happened. We only know what has been told to us by Rachelle, and by Summit. I hate when they recast actors during films, it screws things up. But I have no say in what happens. I have to just suck it up, and realize that it's a business, and sometimes, things like this happen.

    If fans want to write to Summit, I think it's great. I think that they have a right to know how this decision is affecting fans; but at the same time, now that this information has been released, do you really think they are going to want Rachelle to come back? I loved her as Victoria, and I wish her the best of luck.

  31. We want Rachelle back, sign petition please!


  32. Ok some of you need to calm down the only reason it was worded the way it was, was because they are a business, and there not meant to use emotion in a press release, they weren’t being rude just straight to the point like most other press releases. I like Rachelle and I thought she did a good job but both actresses are both very talented and capable of fulfilling this role, if anything I think Bryce will be able to pull off a more aggressive personality of Victoria. Fact stands that both probably could have handled the situation a little better then how it was. But it should defiantly not affect you view on a movie as a whole. I just think so of you are over reacting just a little.


    really in these days of black market copies and downloads, summit shouldnt take it for granted, that everyone will just come out and spend their cash to support their making millions...
    we do that in part as a gesture of support for a job well done. many will go see the movie at the box office, others can find other options...

  34. i think you shouldnt tell us how to react or not react! seriously, not everyone is going to welcome this bryce person with open arms. many will distrust how she got the job, and why. and thats my perrogative.

    i would hate to be bryce trying to take anyones place at a comicon... people are already feeling real cold towards her. and hopefully no one ever hears that her 'DADDY' is directing or producing anything related to twilight...

    u just cant regulate peoples feelings, you must see that.

  35. don`t hate me, but i somehow understand SUMMIT. before accepting another role, rachelle should have been talking to SUMMIT to make sure, that the timing would work out. Accepting another role without talking to SUMMIT wasn`t professional of her. Well, aside from that it was surely the fault of Rachelle`s MANAGEMENT and not her personally. If I was was Rachelle, I would blame my management for this mess.

  36. Why is it totally impossible for Summit to make some sort of arrangements for Rachelle, if Rob and Kristen can be filming seperate movies now? I honestly don't understand. And why if they heard so late, does Bryce get the job so fast now? I just feel sorry for Rachelle because she obviosly didn't understand the infliction her new role would have on playing Victoria in Eclipse, its obvious that from previous interviews and such that she loves that role.
    As you said, I will - as every other fan will still be watching and enjoying the movies, but I dont think is fair to Rachelle and I hope that Summit sees that, though its too late now.
    I am just really dissapointed by Rachelle's departure and Summits response.
    Thats my two cents.

  37. Cam had a scheduling conflict with Twilight & they worked around it by resched all his scenes more or less to be shot 1st.

  38. I just hope this doesn't happen again if Breaking Dawn comes to live...can you imagine they replace Rob because he's doing Unbound Captive or Alice or Emmete because of other movie? I mean this is serious...I think that maybe both parts are guilty here but they should't talk like this because is creating a histeria between the fans and some of us are very disappointed with this situation. I will see Eclipse anyway because I love and respect their job but it won't be the same with this girl who frankly I don't think she can act at all...Let's hope this is a one time thing and don't happen again. I'm praying they film Breaking Dawn but I'm starting to lose my faith!

  39. Im over it.

    After reading both Summits comments and Rachelle's I'll say this and be done. Rachelle should have taken more care with the way she worded her statement. While everything she said may have very well be true, implying that Summit was "not accommodating" of her scheduling conflict may have put them on the defensive.

    Saying that she was "hurt deeply by Summits decision", again probably true, but the wording isn't the best choice. When people read that they are seeing..."Summit hurt me," and the sad fact is that when it comes to business, sometimes feelings have to take a back seat.

    I'm not saying she couldn't express that she was hurt, to the Summit people directly, but to take it to the public...to the fans...who are already an overly emotional bunch; there is no way that Summit could not respond to that.

    Now, Summit's response only fuels the fire, because they just said way too much. Whether it's true or not, a simple statement of regret for loosing Rachelles talent and an expression of wishing her well, would have been much more appropriate.

    The movie will go one. BDH will hopefully be able to finish out the character in grand fashion, and all will be right with the world.

  40. BS Summit. BS!!!! So she booked another small movie and it did not fit around the movie schedule. It happens all of the time in Hollywood. AND instead of sitting down with her and trying to work it out you went out and recast her part?? That is so vindictive and backstabbing. It could not have been easy to put the casting call out, audition people, and then hire someone as talented as Bryce. So why the effort to be sneaky, vindictive and mean? Especially when you SHOULD have known the response you would get from fans. I can't believe that they did not see this coming. Maybe they need to hire people who are more sensitive the audience and customers they are marketing to. They are going to receive a lot of negative publicity on this and the dark cloud will follow Eclipse thourghout production and marketing. Plus, you know every media outlet will want to interview Bryce abut taking over the role. Shameful!!

  41. I remember on the extra fortage from the Twilight DVD, they said that they had to re-arrange the shooting schedule for Twilight because Cam Gigandet had another movie he was filming. Why couldn't they do the same for Rachelle?? Shame on you Summit...

  42. Newsflash......Summit now being managed by 12 year olds. Rachelle's press release was so articulate and professional. Summit even responding publicly was childish in my opinion and the way their statement is written proves my point.

  43. As far as the comment that Summit may cancel filming of Eclipse, that is totally stupid. Yes it cost a lot to set the film, but they will get that cost plus more, many times over! The Twilight Saga is a CASH COW! Summit's comment, unlike Rachelle's went for blood. They are very conceited. Nevermind keeping the actors in line, when you have a tyrant running the store.

    We all do not know all the true details. On the face, it looks like Rachelle defaulted, but Summit protests too much with a haughty attitude.

    This is not over. Summit prepare for the backlash.

  44. sorry summit, I just don't buy it.

  45. they were so mean to her. they treated her like a disposable thing. sth should be done.

  46. they are just omitting the real reason. I don't think it was only because of the conflicted schedule!!

  47. Anyone who is upset by this - Have you called Summit and politely said that Rachelle should play 'Victoria'?

    310 309 8400

    Simply venting on fan blogs, doesn't accomplish anything. Please, call. Make your [little] fan voice heard. Let Summit know that we do care. And we are not just a bunch of sheep/fans. As they seem to view us.

    _If_ we care, that is...

    Alice's Aunt

  48. You are so right. They came back like an angry bull. How about apologizing to the fans? How about some sugar for all the dough you get from us?
    I haven't had my morning coffee yet.

  49. I agree with everything said above - both sides, let's hope Summit is aware what they have done, since this statement feels right out of their legal department and no buffer with their PR department. I wish our Canadian girl all the best with her new project. Will missing seeing you in Vancouver and in June with Eclipse is scheduled for relase.

  50. Thanks TCA once again you are absolutely right!!!!!!!

  51. Ok, so here's the deal...It's show BUISNESS. It's a business. As much as I hate to see Rachelle go, Summit did what they had to do. Yeah, they could have rearranged schedules...Yeah, they could have had long, time-wasting contract negotiations. But in all reality, they're cranking these movies out so fast no one has time to breathe, let alone sit and argue over details. (NOT a good thing, btw -- They need to chillax, a bit!) It's easier for them just to give up and move on.
    Rachelle took a part knowing it was filmed during Eclipse's set time frame, thinking Summit would be flexible. Summit set up (nearly impossible) timeframes, thinking the actors would be fair game for whatever they said. Both sides came at it uninformed, and what happened happened. Rachelle's response was emotional, Summit's response was emotional, even if the opposite emotions.
    Now...That being said. The timelines DON'T matchup. BDH cannot possibly be a cheaper actor than Rachelle...Not even close. Rachelle was a fan-favorite, and for a reason. They're going to wish this whole issue hadn't come up. Time for damage control.

    Rachelle -- You will be missed in Eclipse, but I wish you all the luck in the world in anything you do in the future.

  52. Venting in blogs, does no good. You can still call Summit at 310 309 8400, and politely/calmly record your wishes.

    Because if Summit can do this, to a beloved actor in the series [have you ever read anything negative about Rachelle?????], than they have successfully flexed their muscles. And who knows what they may try next?

    But the next power play by Summit... Please don't complain. If you didn't tell them your wishes this time, you gave them a pass, to do as they see fit, with the whole rest of the film franchise.

    Heaven help us! -sigh-

    310 309 8400

  53. Screw it I will Boycott Summit after New Moon, why should i bother to go pay to see an actress I hate. Summit Can BITE ME, We Want Rachelle Lefevre. Oh and don't forget they already had Bryce wtng in the wings. So more than sceduling conflicts came up. Rachelle announced she had every intention of doing Eclipse. Summit wanted to replae her so they did. Now no Major supporting characters in Twilight are safe. Whose next Billy,Gil, Ashley, Nikki, Kellan or god forbid the golden three

  54. I can't believe Summit would try to make us believe that this decision is based on rehearsals and filming schedules when both Rob and Kristen are going to be filming other movies, too, and they're in like, what, ALMOST EVERY SCENE?! That doesn't fly, Summit.

    I called Summit at the number listed in these comments and left them a POLITE message in the general mailbox. However, maybe we need to call and leave messages for ONE SPECIFIC PERSON. You can navigate to a person's name using a 'dial by name directory' at that phone number. Anyone know who should be called?

    The key is to be polite and to ask them to reconsider based on 'xyz,' (like, "We adore Rachelle as Victoria and can't bear a replacement.")

    We should be articulate and not demean Bryce or Summit. In my message, I said I'd read both Rachelle's comments and Summit's response and I understand that these are tough decisions, but that I really hoped they would reconsider and work something out with Rachelle. (I figured by seeming sympathetic or at least by not demonizing them, they might take the message more seriously.)

    Anyway, I agree - - let's call!

  55. This just makes me sad. The Twi-saga started out kinda grass-roots, with a cast of friends, and now it's become huge and things like this are getting in the way of that friendly vibe it's had all along. I wish Rachelle all the best.

  56. First. I have to say that I don't believe Summit when they say that Rachelle only informed them her schedule on July 20th.

    Second. When they had their rehearsing/shooting schedule Didn't anybody think about checking with her (and all the other actors) to be sure that there wasn't any conflict?

    Third (and I'm copying this from one of my replies @ Letters To Twilight), even if it’s true that Rachelle only let them know her schedule on July 20th why didn’t they tell her: you have to choose between Barney’s and Eclipse? I’m almost 100% sure Rachelle would have chosen Eclipse. Why?

    1. Because she always showed her commitment to the character and the “franchise” (God, I hate that word!)

    2. Because Eclipse would give her much more exposure (magazine covers, TV interviews, internet buzz) than Barney’s

    3. Because in movie business it’s much more important how much your last movie made than who you worked with. There are a couple big names in Barney’s but Eclipse will make a lot more money in the box office.

    So, for me, Summit's response is pure BS.


  57. I hate to be "one of those fans" but Im really not excited about the rest of the series now, I will go see New Moon, but Ecplise...I dunno, & Im certanily done with giving my hard earned money to any movie swag, thats fo sho. It makes me want to find some way to see these movies for free...and I know how that will impact the actors, but it feels like Summit does not care, espically with the statment they put out, I dont want to support something like this...oh wells I guess one day it will all come out in a "E True Hollywood Story"

  58. Okay speaking honestly hear but you who chant that you won't watch Eclipse if Rachelle isn't in it... Are you the same one's who claimed that Chris Weitz was going to screw up New Moon? Are you the same ones who say that David Slade is going to screw up Eclipse? Are you the same people who complain that they can't have certain style of music on the soundtrack or it will be awful? Hmm? If so then you really need to find something to be happy about instead of finding things to complain about all the time.. It's really not good for your health to be so angry :)
    What I'm saying is we really don't know what's going on. We could be getting half truths from everyone. Rachelle probably doesn't want it to look like she abandoned the saga and Summit doesn't want to look like they just axed her for a bigger name.
    My advice be happy for Rachelle that she's getting to work with such a great cast in the Barney movie and give the new lady a chance. Trust me your lives will be much happier if you just take things as they come and stop passing judgement and being angry all the time.

  59. If Rachelle handled her business acorrdingly and told them ealier about her scheduling conflicts maybe the situation would be different. But she held out and it bit her in the ass. I don't watch the movies for her and her character never had that much of an impact for me to begin with. It's quite funny how upset folks are getting over this.

    She wanted to give the impressiong it was the studios fault instead of owning her part and taking responsibility for her decisions. I honestly could care less who replaces her. If she was so determined to stay in the franchise her actions would have reflected that.

    Getting upset about this and wanting to "boycott" is like seeing the trees not the forrest.

  60. If Summit 'only learned' about Rachelle's scheduling conflict on the 20th and obviously knew at the same time there would be no accommodation, why on earth were they so sneaky as to allow her to go forward with her PR work at ComicCon on the 23rd! And then to announce on the 29th that she would be replaced. Just think of the timeline here. Business may be business but that kind of shafting is pretty disgusting.

  61. Rob Pattinson FOR DUMMIES--I am not trying to speak for all fans; I am only stating my opinions. While you may not want to see the film now, many, MANY fans will still remain loyal to the other cast members and see the film on the big screen. By November, this will all be in the past. I really don't know BDH's work, but I'm sure she can pull it off.

    I have to agree 100% with you HollyJo123--are these fans the same ones that said all those things about Chris Weitz... and although we have yet to see the film, people are already talking about how they want him to direct Breaking Dawn.

    Truth is, not every fan is going to get what they want. Remember how many petitions went around because they did not want Rob to play Edward? Summit cannot please everyone. And yes, they were able to work around Cam's schedule, but you have to remember, Twilight was a little nothing film back then; it had it's loyal fans then, but it's nothing compared to what it has become now. So maybe it just wasn't possible to move things around.

    For those who don't want to see the movie/buy merchandise, etc., FINE, you don't have to, but my point it, people will still continue to pay for these things. In the end, it's a business, about making a profit.

    Lastly, for those who have posted something on here without getting offensive, and being able to see both sides of a story (to which we don't really know the details on both sides), I applaud you =)

  62. I predict that Eclipse will be disappointing, what with Slade's almost total focus on blood and gore, so he can haul in the Transformer guys.

    Eclipse is all about Bella's attempt to make both Edward and Jacob happy, and the consequences thereof. In the end, she sees the damage she has done to both men... just like Cathy in Wuthering Heights. This is, believe me, much too subtle to Slade or Summit to understand: Summit wants to make MONEY as FAST AS POSSIBLE; and Slade figures that one redhead girl is the same as any other (except that Bryce is Hollywood royalty, of course.)

    The important thing is: Stephenie Meyer has created a really great alternate world, and her story is dramatic and funny and just plain interesting.

    Let Summit be Summit. And my best to Rachelle, who has the energy and stage presence to be a GREAT Victoria!!!

  63. So many things to point here…
    I like Rachelle a lot, as a person and as an actress, she plays Victoria fantastic; it is unfair that Summit recast another actress already and the answer is not the best.. facts to this are that both, Rachelle response and Summit response are the result of two parts that feel hurt; Rachelle feels hurt for not having her schedule reprogrammed and Summit feels hurt because of the response they are getting from the fans.
    Truth is that any of the actors in the saga can film any other movie during their free time, but they have signed contracts to be available during the production of three movies for the saga. Actors like Kristen and Robert have been working all summer in their free time out of the saga and this last days that cross with the Eclipse productions were already arranged months ago, so Summit planned with a lot of time ahead; Rachelle didn´t told them with time and to reschedule her would have made them loose a lot of money and probably would generate problem into other actors schedule that were arranged way back.
    An example of how the actors have to put the filming of the saga as their priority: Last year during Twilight promotion Robert spoke about doing a film from a beautiful script with great actors, he expected to film it in January of this year, before filming NM, but because the film was independent, had budget issues and started production later, the filming of it crossed in schedule with the filming of NM, and his part for that movie wasn´t really big, it didn´t involved too much time for him and we know that his scenes for NM were shoot half into the schedule of the filming for NM, yet he had to drop out of that film to be available for NM; probably because he was not told about the change in the schedule in time and so on he couldn´t arrange change of schedule for NM, when the actors have contractual obligations, they have to respond to them, they can try to arrange things a long time ago like Kristen and Robert did with their respective schedule for this movie, but not two weeks before filming.

    On the other hand, the fans are telling that they won’t see the film if Rachelle is not playing Victoria, are this the same fans that didn´t want Chris Weitz directing NM and now want him back to direct BD? Are these the same fans that signed a petition for Robert Pattinson get recast for another actor?? Well let me tell you at just this two points thank goodness Summit dismissed those petitions and whining from the fans. As Summit didn´t pay attention to those request, I will recommend you not to waist your time sending mails or petitions, because they are not getting Rachelle back for the role, and I´m really sorry for her, I like her a lot, she is one of my favorite in the cast; but this is like any job in life, you have to submit to the obligations that we agree when we start to work in any place, it is not different for actors or directors.


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