July 10, 2009

TwiHard Takeover: Summit New Moon Comic-Con Panel Moved to 1:45 p.m.

pic from /film

The Thursday Comic-Con schedule has been changed, and the New Moon panel will now take place from 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm - before Avatar - instead of during its original time-slot. Could concerns shared by people such as /Film blogger Peter Sciretta have spurred this change?

Twilight Fans Getting in Way of "Normal" Comic-Con Attendees?

Here's an excerpt of what Peter had to say (before the scheduling change was made) about whether or not New Moon is gonna ruin comic-con:

Summit Entertainment’s panel takes place 15 minutes after the close of [James Cameron’s highly-anticipated] Avatar presentation. Anyone who attended last year’s Comic-Con can attest to how much of a cluster-f*** was caused by Twilight’s presentation in Hall H. Hundreds of tweens and Twilight Moms/Dads camped overnight to be the first ones into Hall H. By the time the “normal people” began to line up hours before doors were set to open, thousands of Twilighters were already in line.

The "normal people" who usually go to Comic-con

Hall H fits 6,000-6,500 people , yet many people were shut out of the opening 20th Century Fox panel, and when the Summit panel began you couldn’t even hear yourself think as four or five thousand Twilight fans screamed in unison. It was a bit sad seeing a 50-year-old Twilight Mom asking a 22-year old Robert Pattinson if he wears boxers or briefs, but I'm not writing today to talk about that. When the Summit panel ended, Hall H rapidly emptied, as more than 80% of the people exited the building. The rest of the day/weekend became a lot less stressful. But a lot of the people that wanted to attend the early morning panel missed out.

By placing the Summit panel (AKA The Twilight Saga: New Moon panel) as the third panel of the day, they are forcing thousands of movie fanatics out of Hall H. Unless you’re willing to brave the crowds and show up 4-5 hours before HALL-H opens, the seats will be taken by Twilight fans. Twilight fans who probably aren’t interested in Avatar.

Read the rest of Peter's concerns at /Film.


  1. Awww.....Agh!If i do go i will go for The Twilight Saga:New Moon , not Avatar.I think i will be brave and go 4 or 5 hours earlier.I just live 5 or 6 hours away from San Diego.My parents can drive me up there.

  2. Whats this guys problem? And what the hell does he mean by NORMAL people? This is comic con. HELLO, isn't this we're people dress up like Star Wars characters and X'men characters? We're just as passionate about our characters and story as the Avatar fans. Jerk!

  3. kerri took the words out of my mouth.

    By many people's standards, people who attend Comic-Con are mocked just for GOING, do they not realize that? They're not considered 'normal' by many people.

    The other point is . . . everyone is entitled to spend their time 'in line.' If it means that much to you to be there, get in line whenever you need to. If you don't, you don't want to be there bad enough. Period. And you don't have the right to gripe about it because you COULD'VE had the spot you wanted. Boo-hoo for you if you didn't want to put in the time. Other people DID.

    I will say this, though . . . Comic-Con would be STUPID to put popular panels like this back to back in the same hall, in the first place. But I'm sure 'stupid' won't stop them.

  4. haaaaaaa! Nice 'add' to the post, TCA - - I LOVE the picture of the 'normal people,' LOL!

  5. I'm confused. What was the origional time slot?

    If they don't want a big mess because of the Twilight fans they should schedule the panel for the beginning of the day, that way all of us Twihards will get in and get out leaving the hall empty for the rest of the afternoon panels and fans.

    Having them put it after Avatar will only make Twilighters sit through that panel to save their seat in the hall (what I"m planning if this is really what they're sticking to). The hall is small and it's on a first come first serve basis, right?

    If anything they need to make it the first panel of the day. =T

  6. Perhaps they mean that the Twi-hards are just above normal and we are extra cool! 'Cause we are, duh!

  7. ooops sorry for confusion! orig NM was going to take place @ 2:15 *after* avatar. now it will take place before avatar.

  8. makes sense TCA.

    So this'll be my first time at Comic Con... how early should we line up for all H if Summit is presenting @ 1:45? I'm not that interested in what else is there but I'd like to peruse through the various merch. =/

  9. Putting NM before Avatar causes exactly what Peter's bitching about - - he said the hall cleared out about 80% after Twilight's panel was done last year - - that's what will happen again.

    Comic-Con should just make NM first of the day in the biggest hall/room and not slate that hall to be used for at least 2 hours after.
    Additionally, NM should be at the same time that other 'big' attractions are having their panels in other halls.

    Does Comic-Con need a Director of Planning? This isn't rocket science but these 'events' always get screwed up by someone not paying enough attention to the details and using 'anticipation of problems' as a customer service tool IN ADVANCE. Sheesh.

  10. Exactly that Peter guy is acting like a little biotch. If you love your characters that much you'll wait in line BUT TWILIGHT LOVES Twilight so much it's going to be hard for anyone to get into that panel OTHER THAN TWILIGHT FANS well so be it.

    But exactly who the hell cares about anything else but New Moon.

    And what the hell does Summit
    NEED TO SHOW ASTROBOY or Sorority Row ? NOBODY cares but little kids and old dirty men. THEY SHOULD OF DONE A WHOLE HOUR OF New Moon because people would have waited hours just to see the New Moon panel for 25 mins ? RIDICULOUS !

  11. Damn! Now I know what normal people look like. I always suspected I wasn't one but now it's clear. They sure look cool!

  12. I love your pic of the "normal people" at Comic Con!!! Hilarious! This will be my first time at Comic Con so it will be interesting to see how it all goes.

  13. Really irritating! This fellow seems only interested in Avatar & Tron2, clearly films for adolescent boys (whereby 'adolescent' is open to definition as in 'adoldads', 'avadads' or 'dadtrons'). How can a film that interests females be of any value when everyone knows Hollywood lives thanks to guys getting off on M. Fox or blowups or car wrecks, etc. Please note that guys getting off are real people, Twigirls somehow aren't. Damned condescending!

  14. any word of Ashley Greene attending comic-con??

  15. I didn't read the whole article, but I understand where the guy is coming from. It seems a little unfair to those that have been coming to these events for years to experience all that Comic-Con has to offer only to be ran off by Twilight fans that come for their own event and leave. I agree with the other poster that stated that the New Moon events should be held earlier in the day. I would say even earlier than 1:45 PM.

  16. Ah, obviously this article is wrong. We TwiHards do care about Avatar because Jackson Rathbone's in it. =) So problem solved, lol.

  17. I am a HUGE Twilight fan, but I am also a HUGE movie fan! I was really excited at the prospect of seeing James Cameron, and maybe even asking some questions. He is AMAZING! I am personally psyched about the programming. It's a good thing they changed the programming so that Avatar is after The New Moon panel, but come on! We who stay all day ge to see previews of the new Disney 3D movies, and I have kids so that is gonna ROCK!Not to mention the fact that Tim Burton and Robert Zemeckis will be sitting on a panel, they are both Amazing Writers/Producer/Directors. Anyway, I say CHILL! It's gonna be fun, and hectic, and GREAT!!

  18. I Love Twilight and I also like Avatar I 've been a fan of both since they started. Im looking forward to the Avatar movie and of course the rest of the Twilight films!


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