July 15, 2009

Stephenie Meyer's Favorite Band, MUSE, to perform at MTV Music Video Awards

I'm not sure that Muse's impending appearance at the MTV music video awards on September 13th qualifies as real Twilight news either, but it's an excuse to re-watch Mitsukakecat's awesome Time is Running Out video!

MTV shares the following about Muse's Twilight connection:
Any member of Team Edward (or Team Jacob) can surely tell you that Muse are Stephenie Meyer's favorite band — she thanked them for their inspiration and called them "rock gods" in "New Moon" and "Eclipse," and then decided to dedicate "Eclipse" to the band for providing "a saga's worth of inspiration." Their "Supermassive Black Hole" also appeared on the soundtrack for the "Twilight" film.

But, perhaps not everyone who's read the books is aware of the full impact the band had on Meyer ... their music even influenced key scenes in the series, as she told MTV News last year.

"I was in Forks [Washington, the city where 'Twilight' is based] with my sister — before any of the books had come out, just sort of scoping it out," Meyer said. "I was working on 'Eclipse' at the time, and I had [Muse's album] Absolution in, and 'Hysteria' came on and, in my mind, the kiss scene between [Bella] and Jacob just choreographed itself, down to how many steps he took toward her. So whenever I read that now, I always hear the song in my mind."
Read the rest at MTV.


  1. Never heard of this band before but I love this song!! The lead singer is great.

    Have they made a song to be put in New moon? They should.

  2. Muse is kinda dark but they totally fit Edward and Bella.
    This is such a great song.

  3. I was ridiculously excited to get tickets to see U2 in DC, Charlottesville (VA), and Raleigh, NC.

    When U2 announced that the opening act was going to be 'Muse' for all 3 shows, I nearly EXPLODED!

    I've heard 'Muse' is fantastic live!
    It's like getting two awesome shows for the price of one!!


  4. Damn, I love this song - and amazing video - two thumbs up!

  5. I heard of them last year.And im a fan of their music and as well of them.They totally rock my soxs , off!My favorite songs of MUSE is "Supermassive Black Hole" and "Our Time Is Running Out".My fave!I like the others too , but mostly "Supermasive Black Hole" and "Our Time Is Running out"

    TCA you hit the jackpot for me!LOL!

    I can listen to this song for 24/7 and not get tired of it. =)

  6. LOL muse. september 13th... bella's birthday. coincidence? i think not.

  7. I LOVE them, only reason im going to the U2 concert this fall, NY :)

  8. Muse rocks!

    I'm going to see them on noveber 14th :D


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