July 22, 2009

Sneak Peek at Taylor's InStyle Photoshoot: Did you know he drives a Bimmer?

InStyle has a sneak peek at Taylor Lautner's InStyle photoshoot. Taylor will be featured in the December issue's Man of Style feature! Instyle also shares 5 things about Taylor:

1. He doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter account, though he says plenty of people pose as him online.
2. He's a major Red Bull fan and drank it throughout our shoot.
3. His favorite band, U2, is performing in Vancouver this summer, where he'll be shooting Eclipse!
4. He can’t live without his leather jacket, so stylist Matthew Edelstein pulled this John Varvatos jacket for the shoot.
5. He drives a black BMW 5 series but is more into football than cars.
Taylor drives my dream car, dammit!

Thanks, Run Away With Fate!


  1. Awwh! how nice- bet there are many more things we can learn about him- Please, please!!
    Hey all MSN has the many articles on the frontpage today about NM- I think TCA you already gave us the interview! I've read so much can't keep track where I read it!!

  2. I read this.
    I can't wait!

  3. I love Taylor. What I love most about him is that he is comfortable with who he is. Sure he could have gone out a brought a Prius and wear flannel, but this kid goes out and buys a flashy car and wears black leather jackets. He is so entertaining to me. I wish he would do more interviews.

  4. Goodbye neon skinny jeans!And color sweaters!Hello!Black , gray , and skinny jeans!And leather jacket!<3 dat guy!<3 him so freakin'bad!


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