July 23, 2009

Smaller Panel: Only Chris W, Rob, Taylor, KStew & Ashley Greene Present

Wow, Cullen Boys Anonymous got so close!

Pics from Buzznet

Last year, Stephenie Meyer and the Bad Vamps graced the stage. Love that Ashley is there this year though! :-)


  1. That's odd since Rachelle tweeted that she was on her way to Comic Con. I wonder why she's not on the panel?

  2. I feel ripped off by this Comic Con thing, I am a little pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see something dangit!!!!!!!!!! LOL I am feeling a bit Twifreakish sorry!

  3. didnt they say something about a surprise when they were trying to promote comiccon? maybe the rest of the cast coming is the surprise...

  4. Why is the panel so small? Where is Rachelle and some of the Volturi or wolf pack?

    God, I am such a spaz.

  5. Are we going to see some vids of when Ash and Chris are on the panel?

  6. there was no one else in the panel other than Ashley, KStew, Pattinson and Taylor. The others just went there but they weren't on stage answering questions.


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