July 15, 2009

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Fodder

Gossip girls reports that Brett Cullen is gonna play the role of Cherie Currie's alcoholic father in the Runaways. Remember Goodwin from Lost?

Anyhoo, see more pics of Dakota prepped for scenes where she works at a cupcake shop at Gossip Girls.

Thanks, MyTwiLife!


  1. I remember Goodwin from lost- They do sort of look a like!! I want to work at a cupcake shop:((

  2. Dakota is really turning into a beautiful young lady!

  3. Plus the actor's name is Cullen. Can't be that for an additional coincidence!

  4. Yeah, I think the real issue here is that this man's last name is Cullen.

  5. A. Goodwin! Love him! Man I miss Lost. Did you know that Hurley/Jorge blogs? I totally follow him. http://dispatchesfromtheisland.blogspot.com
    B. Man Dakota is growing up fast. When I saw the mini clip of this I thought it was Alicia Silverstone. Flash back from the past!

  6. Another new 6 degrees to Nurse Jackie - Peter Facinelli > Merritt Wever (Zoey in NJ and Lori in...) > Into the Wild with* > Kristen Stewart and back to > Peter
    *> Emile Hirsch who was in Lords of Dog Town with** > Michael Oregono who dates > Kristen
    **> which was directed by Catherine Hardwicke who directed > Twilight*** with> Kristen
    OOOR*** 13 > with Nikki Reed who was in > Twilight with > KRISTEN STEWART

    Wow, I could do this all day - now to only actually link back to Kevin Bacon!


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