July 30, 2009

Shopping & (Photo) Shooting: Ashley Greene is a Busy Gal

See more pics of Ashley shopping and at a photoshoot yesterday at Socialite Life and Just Jared.


  1. She looks so pretty!! I love Ashley!! :)

  2. Did she get hair extensions? Her hair isn't this long...check the Comic-Con photos, her hair is much shorter.

    Not that I care! Ashley is so lovely!!

  3. SHE HAS long hair!@
    hehe Def Extentions...there good ones too:)
    she could probably pull off a mullet(unlike our dear Kstew)..she always looks pretty!

  4. With all the fashion shots and events she goes to it's like Ashley is channeling Alice Cullen, both are cute and both have good taste!

  5. I think she looks a lot like Scarlet Johanson in the second picture (not always though). Its nice to see such a pretty but down to earth celeb :)

  6. oh wow she looks gorgeous in the second pic <33 and in the other ones too. She's really busy girl. Love you Ash<3


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