July 23, 2009

Shirtless Jacob & Other New Moon Dolls Revealed: Wow, I never had *this* kind of Toy growing up!

He would totally kick my wimpy Ken doll's ass. And maybe Edward's too. Shh.

New Moon Movie shares the new Jacob Black, Edward, Bella & Alice dolls that will be revealed at Comic-con!

Source: SuperheroHype


  1. Wow! he looks like 'The Terminator' or should we say 'The Wolfanator' I'll be back! Argh! That still freaks me out.

  2. darn i wish taht came out sooner so i could buy it for my *growls* team jacob friend..


  3. haha These are the new Barbie and Ken...I wish my Ken had that perfect body and face like Edward and Jacob...but nooo he used to have this happy face like a clown andddd a hair that needed hairspray! hahaha I would love to get Edward! Even as a toy he looks sexy hahaha Jacob looks good too! How sweet to have Alice as a toy! By the way I must have the key chain behind Alice with the dream catcher!! If someone knows where I can get it pleasee let me know!!!

  4. Ismarie - your a funny gal!
    Ooooh !Me likey the dolls.I wonder if there's 2 Jake dolls?If their a shirt-less Jake and one with a shirt.If their seprately?If they are i'm getting the shirt-less Jake and i totally have to get the Alice doll too!They're freakin' me out in the inside a little , but it will sink in a be cool.And before coming to TCA i went to Amazon and saw their Twilight merchandise.The Edward doll was 9.99 , so i'm getting 'cuz way cheapier than at Hot Topic , saves me money too.So i'm planning on getting my Best Friend like a sister on my imagantion , Alice , my imaganary hubby Jake , and my big brother Edward.I'm crazy i know.

  5. All the dolls kinda look like the actors except Bella! What the hell? The doll makers always miss the mark with Kristen!

  6. Anon - That's what I was thinking...She doesn't look ANYTHING like KStew.

    PS - I may have to purchase that Jacob doll. Holy yowza. But then I'd just have to hide him from my husband -- He'd never understand. (Even if he does have ALL the Star Wars figures, still in packages, from thirty years ago!)

  7. *howl*
    Mini Jacob is hot!
    I need him.
    I know I'm too old for dolls but screw it.

  8. Wow. That shirtless Taylor doll is crazy.

    He's only 17. He's ony 17! He's only 17!

  9. OMG!
    Those dolls do look like the actors! Where can I get the jacob doll? Man, i soooo want it!!

  10. they do look like the actors i need the jacob one i love him hes so hot


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