August 1, 2009

RPattz's Car Up For Grabs? Finders keepers! ;)

Dude, where's my car?!
Robert Pattinson has lost his car.

The 'Twilight' actor Robert Pattinson can't recall where he left the vehicle, despite it being incredibly important to him, after his hectic filming and travelling schedule left him disorganized.

He is reported as saying: "I don't even remember where I left my car. It's probably been towed away by now.

"It's upsetting because it was the first car I ever bought. It made me feel like a man, buying a car."

Rob, if it's anything based on this pic, then I suggest looking for an Everest shaped mass of post-its/scrap-paper and start digging :) ... Good luck with that!

It's probably worth looking into - if the wrong fan girl gets there first, there's going to be some scary cloning attempts occurring.

Read in full at Exposay - thanks Robsten4Eva

- Lorabell


  1. hahaha cloning attempts! that's a good idea...if anyone finds it please send me something ok?? haha poor rob! things like this makes me fall in love with him even more!! haha

  2. Same here Ismarie.Me too!Poor Rob , i would be so pissed off by now!I feel bad for him =[ love you Rob!

  3. Poor Rob! :( ... I hope he finds it again!

  4. The last time I saw pics of it, it was in LA and Nikki Reed was driving it...maybe he should check with

  5. Incredibly important to him?!!?!! Hope he doesn't treat all things that are important to him this way:))

  6. HAA that is really funny. Seriously like what kind of a person is just like "where is my car?" No but it's totally cute. And I can see how his hectic lifestyle could lead this.

  7. hahah how do you lose a CAR?
    only ROb can make that cute...pobrecito!
    AHAHAHHAH the post-its are hilarious...

  8. I just read this comment about his car yesterday in Australia's OK Mag - it cracked me up!

  9. OH MAN! I love him more every freaking day. He's so adorable. You know, I wouldn't put it past an obsessed fan to hijack it, hold it ransom. Payment is a kiss.

    (I totally know how easy it is to lose posessions. I have a residant black hole in my house that gobbles up my things...but a car? LOL!)


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