July 16, 2009

RPattz^2 & Pink is the New Black

Twins: Robert & his stunt double on set yesterday

Pink is the new Black: A new hoodie!

See pics galore of yesterday's Remember Me filming at ROBsessed!


  1. He looks soooo cute. That's not his stunt double though, there has been so many pics that I can recognize the crew, that is a PA.

    I like the new hoodie, it's more washed out red to me....I like when he's wearing some color. He can really wear anything and he would look amazing.

  2. B E A U T I F U L!!!!!!!!!! Uffffffff Sooo hot!!!

  3. awwwhh he's all bruised up again:(( Glad to see his security team is doing a better job!!

  4. That's faded red. If that's a PA then that's reeeaaallly creepy.


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