July 20, 2009

RPattz to Pop by for some of the live Twilight Screenings at Comic-Con

...hopefully not looking like this! Spunk-Ransom shares the following exciting news from Rob's management:
We spoke with Rob’s management this afternoon and so far so good! Rob is expected to attend the Comic Con Panel for “New Moon” Thursday. Not only that, but you are hearing here first…. Rob is expected to attend some of the “Twilight” live screenings. The cast will be split up into teams to attend the different live screenings. I cannot confirm what screenings he will attend. There you have it folks! Comic Con attendees - expect Rob!
See more pics of Rob on the set this morning at Just Jared.

Thanks, Liz!


  1. Ohh! Congrats to all you going!! Have a great time and tell us lots of stories and send us pics.

  2. Why do I have a feeling this is what he'd look like after, if any of the baracades tumbled down and the fangirls rush him???

    So jealous of all of ya'll attending CC! Don't forget your earplugs!!!

  3. I don't think i'd even want to go, considering last year's comic-con. All that annoying fangirl screaming. I just hope they let the pannel actually talk and NOT scream when they're trying to get a word out!


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