July 27, 2009

RPattz Hugs Back :-)

Um, what happened to Look, Don't touch? :-)

Radaronline shares pics of a fan hugging RPattz, but this time the fan gets a half HUG BACK!! See more pics of Rob back in New Yawk arriving at JFK here and at SocialLite Life!

Hello...jealous much? I'm also jealous of her LV bag. Me want.

So much for the 'Respect RPattz' campaign... :-)

(Nice close up! I mean the book *KStew style eye roll* He's reading J. D. Sallinger's "Nine Stories" before you ask ;)

Thanks ROBsessed - Lorabell)


  1. His nose looks really big in the first picture.

  2. You know what they say about a guy with a big nose...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Really? The look on his face is not one of enjoyment.

    God, why do people think it's ok to just throw themselves on him?

  4. Actually, I have no idea what they say about guys with big noses. Enlighten me. ;-)

    P.S. I dunno why people think it's ok to throw themselves on anybody; my motto is LOOK, don't touch!

  5. I get claustrophobic watching these videos and I'm not even there in his shoes! Seriously, those paps are SO annoying with all those questions they KNOW he won't answer, but just make him more uncomfortable.

    I kinda feel bad for the guy. He's obviously not gonna have a normal life for a VERY long time, if ever again. That's almost like a prison. With a lot of money, that is.

  6. Yeah, for the record, I think this chick is a wack-a-do!
    - Lorabell

  7. Why can't these crazy b**ches leave him alone. He's just a normal person. I feel so sorry for him when I see these pictures. You can see he's had enough.

  8. While I say often, to anyone who is half listening, that I would, given the opportunity, dry-hump his leg in the 4th St Subway station, I am completely skeeved by the idea of a stranger coming up and touching ME. Poor fella. He's pretty visibly annoyed; kudos to him for keeping his cool (I DARE any stranger to come up and invade my personal space after a 6 hr flight. Dare them.)

    Oh, and I'm not exactly certain, but I think that bag is a knock off. It doesn't seem to be the right size (just sayin. Cuz I'm catty that way.)

  9. Invading his personal space, not cool. But love to see him reading, very attractive quality.

  10. Yeah the look on his face is one of 'oh god, another crazy wack-job!' Just because he's famous doesn't mean people (aka crazy wackos)are warranted a hug from him!

    BTW --- 'You know what they say about big noses'

    ...........Big boogers!

  11. hahahaha -- @funnybecauseitstrue -- dry-hump his leg? hahahahahahha

  12. Absolutely. Possibly both.

    Oh - and my validation word was "stserses". I consider myself a smart cookie, and when smart enough, at least resourceful. Google's got nothing. I am left now to assign a definition. Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict: entertaining, addicting, and now, educational.

  13. He does have big hands and feet. I always heard the meant a dude has a rather healthy...ahem...

    Christ, I cant believe I just said that allowed! I have officially cracked. My brain is like, smut central....not a bad place to be. LOL!

  14. hahahhahaha his face is priceless!
    his lips have dissapeared because of that forced smile
    Poor Rob...let the man be ladies!( At least at the airport and whatnot GEEZ-LA-WEEEEZ!)
    SHEXY Rob...
    "psh he has a big head and forehead and wth is wrong with his hair?"-The hubby
    *sigh*awe my clean cut airman doesnt understand...

  15. @kerri...
    sooo funny, well he has LONG FINGERS... and yes, all of our brains have cracked and are smut central!..that´s why we´re here!!.. that´s probably the reason he wears his pants so low.. i was watching in youtube a picture of him at the Oscars.. I mean...........the video is called "Robert Pattinson´s pants".. you can imagine what part is circled in yellow!!!" ..lol ***sigh*** one can only imagine..


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