July 1, 2009

RPattz All Scratched-up Again on Set Today After Night Out at Webster Hall

See more pics of bruised Robert Pattinson on the set today at Socialite Life.

Also, NYPost offers deets on RPattz's night out unnoticed at Webster Hall:
MEGA-hot "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson managed to avoid a frenzy for once. On Monday night the actor, who's usually swarmed by fang-loving fans, went to Webster Hall "with a pack of guys," according to our source, to check out the band Jump Into the Gospel. "He was totally normal and just hanging out, wearing a baseball cap. Nobody noticed him or made a fuss at all," said the witness.
Ooh. Webster Hall is a fun venue. I saw Duran Duran there a few years ago. I am a closeted Duran Duran freak; To my husband's *chagrin*, I made the DJ play 'Hungry Like The Wolf' at our wedding. Shh.

[via RobPattzNews]


  1. Yeah!! So glad to hear he had a enjoyable "normal" night without being attacked, ask for autograph, photo or a piece of his hair.:))

  2. I love to hear it too.... Finally for him he can feel good about going out.... I think all the press about MJ has taken some craziness away from the TwiCast especially Robward.

    SO hallelujah for that!

  3. TCA-I heart Duran Duran as well!

    And you all know that even Duran Duran can be tied back to the Twilight Saga.........albeit in a very very very very very! tangential way. Which song am I thinking of? (Bonus if you know which album it's from!) LOL

  4. I'm also glad to hear fans weren't chasing him around , stalking him for pics and autographs.It's relly nice to hear he went out and it was calm , no nothing , no fans , just a calm , good night.Maybe fans have took the advice from websites that if you respcet and ask him for a pic or autograph you get rewarded.I'm glad it has calmed down a little.=)i <3y Robward!

  5. We have too much in common - I'm also in my early 30s, am a closeted Twilight (and Rob Pattinson) mega fan, and loved, loved, loved Duran Duran!!! Still love you Simon LeBon! New Moon On Monday would be a great tie in song for the New Moon movie (and it's also my favorite Duran Duran song right after Rio). By the way, love your blog!!

  6. OMG, i love New Moon on Monday. i am going to have to get some mileage out of that one. :-)

  7. Twicrack, my favorite Duran Duran song......"Come Undone" who do you need who do you love when you come undone? LOL!

    It's good to hear that he can feel normal for a night.


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