July 8, 2009

RPattz + 007 + Diane Sawyer

Rob was joined on set by Pierce Brosnan, who plays his dapper dad in Remember me. In addition, Diane Sawyer paid a visit to the set. Does this mean we'll see be treated to a news special? Yay for more TwiCrack, because there is seriously none these days.

See more pics at OK!


  1. Oh pierce looking so dapper in his suit!!! Rob looking good as always, even with his bruises.

  2. I totally second that.... Where is the twicrack?? Thanks for trying your hardest though everyday to give us things to hold us over.... we love ya!

  3. O M E that was me OCD not Rob who posted that, my computer is freaking out. Logged in as me and my ant cullen showed up argh sorry!

  4. Well I must say, Mr. Bronson is looking rather dapper (agree with you Heidi Ho)nice big smile.
    Always love to see more of Rob, like to see his is kinda of smiling.


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