July 23, 2009

Rob en route to San Diego

JAWGASM *faints*

Radar online have pics of Rob *swoon* at JFK hopping a flight to LA - it's official, Big Apple, "Roblerward" has left the city!

- Lorabell


  1. I just had a major shiver going down my spine. I love it when he wears unbuttoned shirts. Yum.

    I am feeling bad for him though. Everyone knows he hates to fly .. and right now he is flying right into a hoard of screaming females ... a males. lol.

  2. Come back to NY soon!! We'll miss you:(((

  3. I'm convinced he's trying to kill me. I mean, the jaw thing, I know he can't do much about it, but still. But then the SHIRT. Unbuttoned. WTF - I can't stand it!!!!

    It's weird cause it's only him. If my husband tried to go out with his shirt unbuttoned like that, I'd be like, "Button up your shirt, weirdo!" But then Rob does it and I'm a puddle...

  4. @Kristen: I hear ya - I keep fantasizing about stroking down his neck *melts* ... what IS it with this guy?!

  5. hahaha Kristen that's funny!! I know what you mean!! He has something that gets me fall in love with him...he's an angel! something out of this world!! This feeling is weird!!! hahaha Everything about him invite me in... his jaw, his, eyes, the hair, his chest...it's like my personal brand of heroin!!!!!!!!! haha

  6. Here is what I truly believe it is about ROB. Firstly, his body screams I AM A MAN, and yet he is the sweetest, most charming, naturally sexy, funny guy you will ever find. HE IS AMAZING

  7. @Anon: I agree he's aaalllllllll man but in a very non-alpha (check it, Jacob) way, which adds to his appeal - he's inviting, not demanding... mmm!

  8. I'm with all you guys I can't resist when he has his shirts are unbutoon.WOO-HOO!Drives me all crazy and insane.I get the Robward freak attack.
    Rob is a damn sexy MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I was wondering New Yorkers, was the are tremor in the air when Rob departed today?

    Rob could wear a fricken trash bag and Id still see him as the hottest man alive! He'd make Hefty the next big thing.


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