July 14, 2009

Rachelle Makes Me Excited About David Slade

Rachelle Lefevre gives a new interview to the London Free Press, where she laughs off those pesky RobSten rumors (yawn), but also talks about director magical chairs in New Moon and Eclipse. Of Chris Weitz, Rachelle says:
"It could have been bad," Lefevre admits. "But I think because Harry Potter went through it first to their benefit, we were like, 'The Potter kids went through a director shift and they were OK, so we'll be OK, too.'

"And we were. Chris came in with such a clear idea of what the movie was. And he paid respect to what had come before -- so it was kind of seamless."
Rachelle also makes me excited to see what David Slade has up his sleeves for Eclipse, and talks about her growing role:
"It's perfect timing for David because Eclipse is darker than the other two. There's more action. It's not a horror movie, but it is darker."

And just as the series evolves, so does Lefevre's role as Victoria seeks to avenge the death of her lover, James.

"In the first movie, because I didn't have as much screen time, I wanted to be very clear. I wanted to convey energy and be very present, but also very playful. And that's because (Victoria) enjoyed stalking Bella with James.

"But when James is killed, it becomes about exacting revenge, which comes from a totally different place. It's not just a game any more."
Read the interview here.

[via Twilight Lexicon, pic source Rachelle Lefevre Online]


  1. O she does make me feel a little bit better about Slade.

  2. Rachelle's really got a grip on her character, luv her! This does make me have a 'lil bit more faith in Slade. Maybe he'll work extra hard too because he's got a bad wrap when he was announced as the director.

  3. My goodness...she is so articulate and classy.

  4. Let's hope he stay close with the book and can make an amazing movie. I think this gets better every time! This is my favorite book! haha I really want them to start filming so TCA can get us the updates and keep helping our addiction hahaha Rachelle's so beautiful and simple! She's great! I have to say this: the Robsten rumors are like old...I think I read that answer in other magazine a little while ago soooo I don't know...things are changing! I think we'll get the truth when they reunite and spend more time together! I can't wait for New Moon and Eclipse and hopefully Breaking Dawn!!!!

  5. Well said Juju- Damn she's really a beautiful girl-(natural beauty) she should have gotten the part of Rosalie!!


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