July 17, 2009

*Spoilers* Rachelle Lefevre Divulges Water Scene Details!

MSN's Twilight Superfan has a great interview with Rachelle Lefevre, where she talks about her New Moon stuntwork and also gives awesome detail about the water scenes:

They have the scene with your hair in the water. That’s like, classic from the book.

Yeah. Yeah, the sort of swimming with the hair underwater and then there was … they did a really interesting thing where they did this amazing stunt where Bella gets caught in the tidal wave. So we were all in the pool doing the same stuff on the same day. So I got to film all my underwater stuff and then I got to watch them film that.

It was incredible because there was no CGI involved that at all. There was a green screen so they could put it wherever they wanted, but there was nothing involved whatsoever in terms of adding it after the fact. They literally took, I think it must have been 2,000 gallons of water in massive…the looked like those huge cargo rectangular cargo containers you put on the back of trains. They had 2 of those pumped up with 2,000 gallons of water and they put…first they did it with the stunt double and they did it with Kristen’s photo double.

Then they literally, on “Action,” pulled the hatch and she got pummeled with a massive tidal wave and you could watch underwater, which I got to because I was in the pool. Or you can watch on the monitor and you could literally see her spinning. It created a tidal wave and they just filmed until she got spit out. When it spit her out, the cut was over.
Read the rest of Rachelle's interview here.

Pool pics from Vancity Allie


  1. WOW! Thats sounds amazing! Chris just keeps surprising me. I think after Catherine changed so much in Twilight Im constantly shocked to hear that Chris is not ony keeping things as is, but also that he's bettering it visually.

  2. Awesome interview!!! The spills a lot of secret! Again I can't wait for New Moon!!!!

  3. Woah, surely they had a stunt double get pummeled by the wave?! Sounds scary - I can't wait to see it! :D

  4. That sounds completely awesome!

    I can't wait to see that scene.

  5. This sounds so cool!! The interview from Hollywood.com shares some interesting things. Oh my dream is to be able to take a leave of absence from my work and just expierence a movie set for filming and directing. So interesting to me to see how all this stuff is done, I'm sure the ppl on movies don't think anything of it, but when you aren't around it everyday it's very fascinating to me!! Hell I work very long hours anyway- might as well see something fresh and new!!


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