July 30, 2009

Rachelle, Edi and Cam Dolls to Launch

Oh the sad irony *tear*

Thanks Dread Central via Twilight Moonlighter

- Lorabell


  1. lol the James*CAm doll is scary as heck... the head is HUGE!!

  2. Anyone who is upset by Rachelle being dumped - Have you called Summit and politely said that Rachelle should play 'Victoria'?

    310 309 8400

    Many people are simply venting on fan blogs, which doesn't accomplish anything. Please, call. Make your [calm/polite] fan voice heard. Let Summit know that we are not just a bunch of sheep/fans. As they seem to view us.

    _If_ we care, that is...

    But please!!! Be calm/polite and don't take it out, on the answering secretary. :-(

    Alice's Aunt

  3. Yeah what the heck is with the Cam doll's head? It's huge! These dolls are pretty scary.

  4. The Edi doll looks pretty HOT w/ those locs!

  5. *sigh* Last memory of Rachelle =[ *tear* *sniff,sniff*

  6. I have to get my Rachelle doll!


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