July 23, 2009

Preview Night @ Comic-Con

RobPattzNews shares this Twitpic from Comic-con! I love how Edward looks - he *dazzles* this time around. :-)


  1. I hope the fans only scream in the beginning and not scream when people are trying to answer questions and talk! Please make us other fellow twilighters proud and not ashamed.

  2. Me likey, too, Renesmee. LOL!

    I agree, Anonymous. Last time us unfortunate fans who couldn't be there had to strain to hear whatthe actors said because people couldn't hold in their inner SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Edward looks SO much better! It's how I envisioned him. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  3. Oh be still my heart! *Thud*

  4. Honestly I am on two overload after months of deprivation and pap photos I am losing it.......


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