July 22, 2009

Official New Moon site... and not so official trailer

So, the New Moon site officially launched today *oooh, shiny!* giving us all a (totally un-required) excuse to watch the trailer again - I don't know how I'm going to last until November, I swear!

But if you're in need of a New Moon trailer on a little "crack" then I recently came across this:

What IS it with that eyebrow?!

Thanks Twitarded

- Lorabell

UPDATE: Oooh mah GAWD - the new site just got that more shiny - I did NOT realize when you click on stuff Edward and Jacob talk to you!!!
Break my heart now already New Moon - just do it already, tear my heart out and stamp all over it - I want you to, I can take it!!!

*regains composure*

Sorry, the crack just kicked in :D


  1. Lol! from the 1st video , the top one.I notcied that everyone is kinda of fat.

    "ouch a paper cut , does anybody have a napkin or a band-aid , you know what i'm just gonna go."

    "i can still see you.What about now?i can still see you. if you can see me i can still see you.What about now?No your good."

    and when Jake turned into a ginnie pig.LMAO!

    Thanks for the laugh and giggles Lorabell ! =) Thanks for posting these retared , funny video.Hope to hear more from you.

    love ya ,

  2. that new moon website is pretty awesome! and i heard that there will be a new new moon trailer coming out august 14th!!!!!

  3. The website it awesome. When you click to go into the different parts, where it says Enter the Cullen House, it has a line from the movie from Edward!! And the same for Jacob on the wolf one. I can't wait until November!!

  4. as if i needed to give my mom more ammuniation to think im nuts... i totally gave in to fan girl squeel (just a little bit though!) when I realized Jacob and Edward talk to you... amazing. Ughhh, Novemeber, come faster!!

  5. Jacob talks and wallpaper!

  6. Fooking Supa! I laughed my arse off! love it

  7. i want a guinea pig---i wanna guinea pig!!


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