July 25, 2009

New Robward and Wolf-pack stand-ups

Nordstroms has launched this mini-site for their up-coming New Moon line where you can download some special wallpapers.

- including new, dapper, cut-out Robward
...and half-naked/ab-licious wolf-pack (how is that an ad for clothes?!)

Why they're in black and white is anyone's guess! Now just to photoshop out that model's face for your own :)

- Lorabell

Thanks Twilightholics-Twihards


  1. oooooooooh if only i could convince the hubby to make our computer room theme twilight Saga..
    we can wish!
    life size wolf pack and life size edward mmmmmm

  2. Hahahaha loving the cut-out Robward... such a classic!

  3. <3 all the cut-outs!WANT THEM!I want Jake , Edward , andd Paul.

  4. Even though I thought this was silly initially, I am going to buy myself a shirt or two! I havent shopped "BP" since I was in high school.

  5. Oh boy so it's back to shopping in the Junior's department for me, too! At least then don't call it that at Nordstrom, so there's some tiny shred of dignity in it, right? Right?! Ugh - whatever - it's gotta be less degrading than shopping at Hot Topic at my age - lol...

  6. These are too funny!! They look like they have an ora around them with the white background:))

  7. where can u buy the stand ups tho??


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