July 24, 2009

New Moon Soundtrack Info: Hitting Stores October 13th

Twilighters, who got to go to the panel at Comic Con *grumble*got this hand-out after being in the presence of sparkly, furry and clumsy Twi-tasticness *grumble grumble* ;)

It turns out the New Moon soundtrack is going to be available in stores BEFORE the movie is even out... has anyone heard of that before?*

- Lorabell

*Apparently they do that alot, lol - sorry/thanks guys :)


  1. Yep! They did the same thing with the Twilight soundtrack...I think it was out a few weeks to a month before the premier. It's torture, because you spend all that time trying to figure out which scenes the music will accompany.

  2. Same as what they did last year! I hope the NM soundtrack is as good (if not better) than the Twilight soundtrack!

  3. Sountrack for any movie are always come before the movie itself

  4. Thats my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy Bday to me!

  5. Looking forward to this, since the Twi soundtrack is AMAZING.

  6. I was hoping they would do that again! I'm increadibly excited for the Death Cab song. :D

  7. Check it out ASAP!!!
    new New Moon Clips are on Perez Hilton Website. I dont know how link....sorry!!!

    *****Total Spoiler to the 10th degree****

    Crazy Hotness!!!!

  8. I have been shouting "BON IVER, FREAKIN' BON IVER!!!" at my husband every chance I get since last night. I cannot even say how much I love Wietz right now!!!

  9. I know activistgirl. I too have been bouncing about the house like Emmett on a baseball field. Thom Yorke and Bon Iver! I'm so hoping the soundtrack isnt focused on just Bellas depression. We have shapeshifting, and Alice driving the Porshe and Mikes vomit induced date. Cant wait to see that! LOL!

  10. This year is going to be the best!BEST YEAR EVER!12 days before my birthday and other New Moon merch. is coming out in my birthday month.OMTwilight!I'm seriously going to die or faint.
    My bday wishlist
    *Edward , Jakey , and Alice dollies
    *New Moon cake
    I'm so happy! *squee*

  11. Yep Twilight released about a month before the movie and went to one of the highest on soundtrack charts before the movie was released-- this was unheard of at the time, so I bet New Moon soundtrack numbers are even bigger

  12. Thats my birthday!

    perfect present!

    Ive herd of that before but im not sure im going to like the artists on this one as much as twilight. I think they took a chance with twilights and there trying to get big names on new moons


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