July 25, 2009

New Moon Premiere in Knoxville Update

Taylor Lautner Daily brings us an updates about the Knoxville New Moon Premiere:

It appears that it could be as late as mid-September before the date of the premiere and the list of participating cast members will be released.

There probably will be some 100 to 200 tickets sold to the general public for the screening. (That number could increase if any of the sponsors return tickets to the organizers). They are expecting tens of thousands of fans to vie for these tickets, so it’s a very competitive situation.

More details on the distribution will be ironed out and released in August, though it will likely be some time after that announcement before they register names for a drawing and set the process in motion.

Read more at Taylor Lautner Daily!

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  1. Good luck to all of you that will try and get tixs!! God help ya, I think I'll keep tryin for the lottery- I have better odds!LOL


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