July 8, 2009

New Kids on the Block: TMF Wants to Know Which New Twilight Fansites Are Your Faves

When I first got bitten by the Twilight bug, there were about 5 fansites that I regularly visited to get my TwiCrack fix. However, over the past year, a gazillion new Twilight Fansites have cropped up, and The Movie Fanatic wants to know who your new favorites are.

In addition to my original TwiCrack dealers (seen in my sidebar), here are some newer News-oriented fansites that are also worthy of consideration for Top Twilight Fansite for their dedication, innovation and wit:

What do you think? Voice your opinion at The Movie Fanatic!

In addition to these news-oriented fansites, I get my daily giggles from the following amazingly awesome Twilight blogs:


  1. i ♥ twilight positively crazy over it!

  2. I always come HERE first for the skinny on all things Twilight(or breaking muffin-top "news," as the case may be-lol)!

    Thanks for thinking of us! TwiCrack, we [heart] you almost as much as we [heart] Twilight (and that's a LOT).

    : )

    P.S. Um, Did Paris Hilton just discover TCA??? Or Faux Paris Hilton??? Check your newest followers...

  3. Awww, we love you TwiCrack!! You are always the first site I go to in the morning! You're definitely one of the top 'pushers' for my twi addiction. :)

  4. I usually hit my three sites first thing in the morning. Here, newmmoonmovie.org & twitarded (not in any order). I usually have to check again when I get home as the IT Gestapo at work won't let us watch videos. I guess they really want us to work...I also try to check Twilight Lexicon when I think about it but these three are my fav! You guys rock!

  5. You r a household name up in here! lol!!!

    You r it for me! You r even on the wall of my Google Phone.... Love ya

  6. awwww i check you every morning too twicrack!

    you rule my world!


  7. You're the best source we have!!! I come home every day and the first page I visit is this one! I get my daily medication for my Twiaddiction!!!! Sometimes I check Twitter to follow you soooo I guess your my #1 choice! Thank you!!!

  8. twicrack is first in favorites, my favorite site!

  9. That is so nice of you to mention us! You are the BEST!! I <3 You!


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