July 24, 2009

MTV's Hall H Run-down: Weitz Jokes that RPattz Stood Around Looking Good :-)

MTV offers more details on what transpired in Hall H today, including what Chris Weitz had to say about New Moon stunt work:

The director also told the audience that there is a lot more CGI and intense action in "New Moon" than there was in the first movie.

"And Taylor did every single stunt that he could possibly get his hands on. Every stunt except the ones that the insurance company said he wasn't allowed to do," Weitz said. "Really, if Jacob is doing something impressive in the film, it's pretty much Taylor doing it.

"And Rob just kind of stood there looking good, basically," the director joked to another round of screams from fans.

Read the rest at MTV.


  1. Yup and that's pretty much all he NEEDS to do :D

  2. That's what were looking for Rob to be standing looking like a greek god!! Taylor in all his hottness- action packs!! schwingggg!!

  3. Heidi ho, 'schwinggg?' haha u funny!

  4. in case someone hasn't found them yet: I have!!

  5. (the clips I mean, of course)

  6. I love that boy! He's so sexy and sweet and driven. YUM!


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