July 6, 2009

More Vampire Baseball Pics

Lana Veenker shares pics from Vampire Baseball - including the one above of Alex Meraz and Solomon Trimble - on her blog, The Casting Scoop. [via Twilight Source :-)]


  1. OMG!Alex!!!!he looks so cute as always!He looks so funny in the pic.Solomon Trimble looks great too. =)

  2. Awe Solomon hanging with Alex.
    I love Solomon. He's such a good sport.
    Alex looks pretty cute too.

  3. PS
    Thanks TCA.
    You know I love seeing wolf news ;)

  4. The Twilight cast is the best!!! They're soo down to earth and so humble! Taking some time to charity is amazing and always available to their fans. I think that's why we're so obsessed with this because they appreciate our love for them!

  5. Love the "wolf" men:))) Standing on those chairs only makes them taller and sexier!!


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