July 29, 2009

More New Moon Images and Previously UnSeen Twilight?

Clicky for zoom! ---^

That's right - you buckle that sleeve, mister! ... Why do I find that schmexy?!

Yeah, KStew's never that cutesie anymore!

Mmm, you brought a snack!

Bedroom eyes much? I want this poster I want this poster I want this poster!

I've not seen these scans from the french "Series City" - it seems they had some kind of Alice Cullen diary type set-up with previously unseen Twilight pics and new New Moon stills!

Apparently it includes posters, trading cards, an article on chapters from Midnight Sun, much more and is just crazy cool - I so want a copy!

Thanks Le Monde De Franseca via Twilight Poison

- Lorabell


  1. These are great!! Brings us back to the beginning AWWHH Sweet!!!

  2. Ohhh I wanttt thisss!!! haha I love the photo of Kristen soo cute! and Edward as always handsome and sexy...uffff I want Edward poster so I can put it in the ceiling of my bedroom haha ;-) sweeettttt dreams!!!

  3. @Ismarie - I had EXACTLY the same thought, lol!
    - Lorabell

  4. WHAT is that pic of Kristen in the upper right montage (brown hoodie)? I had to look twice and hardly recognized her. Why does she look so hard and kinda used up in that photo? She actually looks old..or, ever seen those faces of meth pictures? Maybe that's a little harsh...it's weird, because I think she usually takes a great picture.

  5. OMG! KStew is actually smiling. I didn't think that was possible. =) **Need Edward pics NOW!!!!**

  6. Wait.. This looks like it's a book...
    I honestly think if this was a book it would make a LOT
    I'd probably buy about 5 hehe
    I soooo need that pic of Robward, He has the most gorgeous eyes ever

  7. It's funny. In the books, Edward is described as preppy almost. Vneck sweaters and beige leather jackets, pressed slacks and so on. In the movies he's more rock. I prefer movie Edwards look. That last poster is HAWT! I have a thing for broad shoulders and a taut waist. They make Robs clothes fit that area on him and it sends me into near convulsions!!!!!

    Yeah, I don't care for Kristens cutsie pictures. Thats so not Bella. But I love the Alice and Jazz portrait. Jackson does a great job portaying Jaspers, stand at attention, military stance. Love it!


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