July 26, 2009

Mini-interview with Taylor by Chuck "the-movie-guy"

I wish people would ask him more interesting questions than just about his work-out routine - like his "chemistry" with KStew, mu ah ah ah! ;)

Thanks Bella And Edward

- Lorabell


  1. Lorabell,
    I couldn't agree more. Interviewers should work on asking him something else besides 'how did you work out?' They should start asking him questions with a little more substance at least!

  2. They should ask him, "Do you realize how many women in their later 20's and 30's are waiting for you to turn 18 so they can legally lust after you?" LOL!

    wv: lurnit
    It's pronounced Robward, lurnit.

  3. I love Chuck the Movie guy. Great interview!

  4. I just love that Taylor is so comfortable doing interviews. He hardly stutters and he gives great, coherent answers. So mature for such a young man!

  5. your kidding right,we just been waiting for this shit to start. grow-up

  6. hey does anyone remember what these books are about,that would be edward and bella not jacob and bella. guess some people will have to learn how to read.

  7. summit is really trying its darn best to promote taylor. but i think he wont get to the level that rob reached thru twilight. taylor is just too rehearsed and too predictable. and the muscles ? too fleeting. its an insult to taylor to get asked about his abs for the nth time but he loves it that way i guess.

    as for rob, i think summit is making a mistake if it will try to put him on the side. i think its very rude to rob and his character edward, who happens to be the main draw of the saga. or perhaps summit is going for the big guns near the showing and its just saving the best, who is rob, for last !!

  8. Ha Lorabell =] I actually think that this is just another one of Summits tricks with the whole Taylor-and-Kristen thing. [whatever it is lol] They're trying to make it seem like Rob n KStew are not like in love but it was sooo obvious at comic con. They kept sneaking looks at each other =] so cute


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