July 24, 2009

Mini-AP Interview: Taylor, KStew and Chris

Where's Robdo? :(

- Lorabell


  1. Rob staed that he wasn't going to do any interviews, i think cuz he was a "suppporting character" and he needs a break he hasnt had one since New Moon wrapped up filming, after he went straight to remember me, and now Comic Con he needs a break

  2. Agree with you above, plus I think Summit wants to push Taylor to the front, this is his big film in saga.

  3. @ Anonymous July 24,2009 12:22PM - Everybody gets a time to shine equally.

    Great interview though.

  4. Either way, I think Taylor and Kristen are so cute together. They act like best friends, and it is way too cute!

    I notice Kristen doesn't stutter as much, and has well formed answers when she isn't in front of a crowd of people.

  5. I really want to unbutton that shirt for Taylor free or not free , and lay down on his abbs.*sigh* =)


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