July 2, 2009

Mikey Welch Dishes on How Edward Got More Screen Time in New Moon

"They figured out a very clever way to get Edward back in the film much more than he is in the book," revealed "Twilight" series star Michael Welch when he stopped by the MTV studios recently, acknowledging that Weitz and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg have devised a plan to work around the "New Moon" plot — which has Edward breaking up with Bella (Kristen Stewart) early in the story and fleeing to Italy. "It's more of, like, a hallucination kind of thing."
Read about it at MTV.


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  2. Is Michael Welch jealous about Rob's fame , his sexy body , he being the sexiest person in Earth?And his character Edward Cullen?

  3. OK, I'm happy we'll get to see more Robward in an "authentic" to the book as possible way - but how is extending Bella from hearing him to seeing him so very clever?
    No complaints though ;)

  4. who would be jealous? Robs life is too crazy now, i wouldnt want to be that famous

  5. he dosn't sound jealous at all. And why would he be jealous. Im sure he is happy that Rob is doing really good and probably glad that he doesn't have million people aroound him 24/7 like Rob does.

    I like Mike, he is really sweet. <3

  6. Mike's a good actor and very sweet!! Does alot for charity too. Wonder why is was afraid to say how rob was going to be in the movie more. We have heard this in other interviews, from weitz, rob and kristen themselves have said his is a vision along with Bella's thoughts and scary at times too. They probably are so busy with their own lives and other projects that they don't know everyone elses PR stuff.


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