July 17, 2009

Meese Meets Stephenie Meyer

Nathan from the band Meese blogs about meeting Stephenie Meyer:

Hi guys, Nathan here. Now for something that you probably didn’t know about Ben and me. We’re into Twilight. Like IN TO it. It started when we were visiting our record label almost a year ago and they had a bunch of copies of the book laying around and I needed something to read on the airplane on the way back to Denver. Anyways – it was one of those obsessed-at-first-page type scenarios where I didn’t put the book down for two days and two nights until it was completely absorbed by my eyes and my brain. If you’d of told me earlier in my life that I’d be reading vampire love story saga I’d call you crazy, but sometimes life throws you curveballs…

So I finished ‘Eclipse’ (the third book) about a week ago before a show with Copeland in Cali. I bought ‘Breaking Dawn’ (the last one) at the airport in San Francisco before I flew home to Denver to play a show. Yadda yadda we’re playing our first show with The Fray in Phoenix two nights ago and I had been reading the in the dressing room and got to page 120 or something like that when all of a sudden some says in passing really nonchalant “Yeah, the Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer is gonna be here tonight”. Then I had this split second indecision of “Should I try to play it cool and act like I meet super famous genius writers all the time? OR should I flip out and tell her what a big fan I am and get my picture taken with her?”. I think it’s pretty obvious which one I picked. Stephenie was AWESOME. We got to hang out and chatted for a while! If it wasn’t for the fact that we had to go on stage to play, I probably would’ve tried to talk to her all night.

Check out Meese's blog here. Thanks to Lion & Lamb Love.

Oh, I'm so envious! We spend so much time thinking about the movie and its stars, but if I could meet one person from the TwiWorld, it wouldn't be RobWard -- I'd love to meet Stephenie!


  1. You know what I'm noticing? Alot of younger bands admit their love for the Twilight series or movie. Last night on Fuse I was watching a band called Hey Monday and they played Decode out of love for the movie and soundtrack. And on So you think you can dance, a pair danced to a coreographed tribute to vmpires to the music of Blue foundation from the Twilight soundtrack. Im super psyched about the possibility of Kings of Leon or Thom Yorke from Radiohead for the New Moon soundtrack!

    It's everywhere!

  2. YAH for him! I bet Stephenie loved it!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more! If I could meet one person from the Twiworld, it would be Stephenie! :D

  4. What a lucky ducky!I probably would do the same thing like him.I agree too , i would love to meet Stephenie Meyer.It would be cool!

  5. Lucky! I love it when guys admit their love for Twilight!

  6. Just checked out some of their music, I am lovin Meese!
    I agree, I would definitely want to meet Stephenie and talk her ear off about the Twilight universe!

  7. What's cool is, although some bands might be eyeing the sales of the 'Twilight soundtrack' and "loving Twilight" right now (with possible ulterior motives), this guy doesn't seem like he's angling for that.

    He's also adorable. Cute enough to possibly forgive his grammar, LOL! Well, maybe. :)

  8. Awwh! How nice for him to meet SM!! It's nice when a fan is able to meet their star(celeb)or I-con and not go crazy!! I have the priveledge of meeting famous ppl with my work and have always been non-crazed and casual- not sure why- but if Rpattz were to come to my work (most likely not) I don't know if I could be a casual as I generally am and not make a big deal about it!! or SM for that matter!!




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