July 31, 2009

Making Heidi's Hair Sparkle in the Sun???

In what would otherwise be a boring article, we find an interesting nugget of potential New Moon news! Nylon has a little article about Noot Seear's New Moon make-up:
For Twilight's second installment, Michael was asked to take vampire Heidi - played by NYLON model Noot Seear - and make her hair sparkle in the sun.

Michael managed the task without drawing blood, thanks to Shu Uemura's Full Shimmer collection, which somehow infuses locks of hair with a spooky, sexy glimmer - perfect for a vampire whose special talent is "creating illusions of someone's desires."
Inneresting! We'll see what happens. :-)

Thanks, Ali!


  1. I'm all about hair product! Gonna buy and it and put it in my hair before work. Oh yeah!

  2. wow, isn't Shu Uemura's Full Shimmer collection something like $40 a bottle? expensive stuff! does it really work? anyone here every tried it?

  3. Wow. But honestly, I dont really think Noot Seer is that pretty. She's actually strange looking and abit on the anorexic side. Sorry, just sayin'.

    Im kinda tired of hearing about Heidi. Who the hell cares about Heidi? Not me. Im going to be more focused on Rob and the Volturi boys!

  4. Right there with ya Kerri. Her part is sooo small, why is there so much about her??


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