July 7, 2009

Looks Like Rob & KStew May Be Attending ComicCon Again :-)

Remember this craziness from last year's San Diego Comic Con? :-) Ted Casablanca confirms Spunk-Ransom's report that Rob will be at ComicCon this year, and lets us know that KStew may be there as well!

Twitter is buzzing that Rob will be attending Comic-Con down in San Diego in a couple weeks, if his schedule will allow it.

So is that legit? And what New Moon gal will accompany him? Do read on:

We're assured by our knowledgeable sources that, as of now, R.Pattz is a definite go to hit the San Diego festival. And he won't be traveling alone. Kristen Stewart will be by his side, too!

Read the rest at e!online.


  1. Damnit! I just got back from California and no chance of running out there again . . .although it would totally be worth it!

  2. I'm going to Comic-Con..so this makes me so excited!!

  3. If Summit is at all smart and care one bit about Rob they will only allow use of Rob's name to sell tix while he is actually secreted off at the last minute to London where he can relax and chill w/his buddies and Patty.

    He has to miss the hell outta Patty, I would!

  4. Well if they only get a few days off and then have to go and do this event, it's really not time off!! However, both Rob and Kristen have said they love their work and the fans affiliated with the Twilight saga, so maybe this is a break for them and to see some old friends.

  5. son of a biscuit! Why oh why didn't I buy the darn ticket before they sold out!?! oh yeah cause i suck!


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