July 22, 2009

Has People jumped on the crap-wagon too?

Look who's gracing the cover of People Magazine. :-) Nice. Me want. Except...what messy love life?

Enough about RPattz. Let's focus on Emmett:

He's up against Ian Somerhalder of the Vampire Diaries and Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood for top hottie with fangs. Only, Emmett doesn't have fangs. Hello?? Vote for the one you favor at People.com.

Thanks, Coral!


  1. he can have a messy love life ... with me.


    haha. Oh People mag and the tangled webs they weave.

  2. Emmett hands down!

    People mag sucks!

  3. His private life is his, wish they would leave it alone.

  4. short of an interview with Rob that they didn't have, they have to write sth--they have figured out that Rob on the cover sells & his 'love life' is a great lead

  5. I've noticed People starting to lean that way for a while...just sad to see them join the ranks officially.

    And what the heck?? When will people get that Twilight vamps do not have fangs!

  6. Oh, dear. Well, I won't go vote at People.com. Firstly, because Emmett doesn't have fangs. Secondly...because...I would have to vote for Eric, as he is my boyfriend.

    (I duck and run now.)

  7. For some weird reason this made my stomach clench, and I feel so bad for Rob. Probably because I actually subscribe to People, unlike those other crap mags. I always felt People had a bit more credibility, but unfortunately People caving kind of legitimizes the speculation on something so private, which just makes me feel icky. Poor Rob. I would be mortified to see my love life up for examination in a national magazine, and he's just a person too.

  8. Hmmm?People and other magzine that talk shit know that Rob is a big star and they know they can make big money and sell many stories to people about Rob , because he's a big star and a very famous one too.Not fair just stupid and the funny thing is that they relate to Twilight and the saga.The triangle love is their characters ; Bella (Kstew), Edward (Rob) , and Jake (Taylor) it's just funny and they're stupid.Finally they confuse reality with fiction.

  9. I am for Kellan he is the hottest from all of them!!!

  10. KELLAN! Hellllllooooooooo?

    What the hell are Peoples magazine printing rubish like that. The press has to realize they can just show his face and have it completely void of any comment...and we'd still buy it!


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