July 23, 2009

New Moon Press Conference Summary

"The fuuu...?"

(Pic from Twisource)

ET's promised live feed ended up being an epic fail.
You can get caught up on what happened via Hitfix's Live Blog of the event, which was *much better*:

9:54 a.m. There are ground-rule. "We're here to talk about the 'Twilight Saga: New Moon.'" That means no personal questions.

9:56 a.m. Taylor, Kristen and Robert arrive on stage. Kristen is in full-on Joan Jett mode, rave hair tussled. I'm not sure I've ever seen Rob's hair look this conditioned.

9:57 a.m. "I think last year Comic-Con was the big eye-opener for us," Lautner says, expressing excitement at being back this year.

9:58 a.m. "It would look probably pretty cheesy if it were just my voice, so they've done these hallucinations, semi-visible apparitions," Pattinson says, explaining how he's able to be in the movie when Edward is largely absent from the book.

Read more at HitFix, or follow these Live Tweets from the event:



  1. AH , im so frustrated with this ET feed. I see nothing. why isnt anyone else covering this??

  2. i agree, this is SO annoying. and i was truley looking forward to watching it. URGH.

  3. Hopefully a video will be posted later ... but it was so short ... totally lame.

  4. Do you think it was cut short on purpose or because someone asked about Rob and Kristen dating?

  5. I would like to at least see a pic of them! Jeez!

  6. Hmm, all that hype for nothing?
    They didn't say anything new, what was the point? Glad I didn't live nearby so I wasn't tempted to go.

    Oh well..hope someone took pics and will post them online later.

  7. Why is it that KStew always comes off looking so dang grouchy.

  8. Me too guys!I want to see some Comic Con New Moon , Robward , Taycob , and Kbella!


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