July 31, 2009

KStew Running for Runaways

See lots o' leather on the set of the Runaways yesterday at Gossip Girls.

Thanks, Renesmee!


  1. I thought these were from the same day she fell over - are they doing a reshoot?
    - Lorabell

  2. I wonder is KStew is getting tired of all this leather yet? It's gotta be kinda steamy wearing full leather outfits in july.

  3. You can tell it is not the same location. The original shoot was in front of the stores Ozzie Dots and Wacko/La Luz de Jesus Gallery on Hollywood Blvd.


    I believe this shoot was filmed in Norwalk?

    It's possible they are piecing scenes together. Kristen's hair is a little different in this shoot, though.

  4. My hat is off to the girl, she must be dying in all that leather in the LA heat!!!

  5. I wonder if theirs someone hired to oil her suit, like the tin man, when the leather stiffens up. I bet when she moves, even slightly, she squeaks. LOL!

  6. Poor Kristen...what she WON'T do for her art.

    This reminds me of a 'Friends' episode: Ross and his leather pants. He's at a girl's apartment and his pants squeek when he walks. And he sits down but is burnin' up in them. So goes to the bathroom and takes 'em off; but can't 'em back on! So he procedes to put a mixture of baby powder and lotion on his legs and still can't get 'em on! LOL!!!


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