July 26, 2009

Kellan under-cover at Comic Con

Not an entirely subtle disguise :/ I'm thinking the Cookie Monster idea, like Taylor, would have been a better approach.

Thanks RPattzWho

Speaking of puppets... is it just me?
And, whilst we're on the subject...

Don't hate me!

- Lorabell


  1. ahha its so funny him under cover

  2. lol Kellan, nice look there dude. Any way I love the muppets! Rob you do look like Kermit lols!

  3. We don't hate you Lorabell- you're bringing us our favorite stuff!!-
    And this if funnier than shit- I soo see the resemblence- Ohh How I love me Kermitt!!
    KL- still hot in disquise- I still have bad thought- I'm thinking - lumberjacking!!

  4. I think this is rude. He's trying to go incognito and you're basically calling him out. Way to respect his privacy and his desire to go around unnoticed.

  5. oh please. he is obviously doing it for fun. otherwise, he wouldn't have let someone take that picture.

    we love you lorabell. =)

  6. HERE HERE Anonymous from 10:24!!
    haha he looks funny

  7. I think it's fine, posting a pic of him in disguise. He let people take the pic and after all comic-con is now over, so what's the big deal! Keep on on posting Lorabell. You're are hilarious btw, haha Kermit!!! --it's not easy being green.....
    PS is it weird that I find Kellan kinda hot here? I mean I'm not really into long hair and grundgy clothes but I guess he can't escape his hottness, lol!

  8. @Anon 10.24: I deliberately waited until AFTER Comic Con to post this even though other sites have shared the info. All I'm saying is, Cookie Monster would've worked better than Zoot from the Muppets - it's a stylistic choice.

    @Anon 10.30 and Bonnie: thanks - some people got it ;)

    - Lorabell

  9. LOL
    Awesome awesome awesome
    And so true

  10. i think he looks cute and very muppetty.

  11. OK, I'm going to throw this out there, does anyone see a Muppets Twilight coming anytime soon? love the one of RP and Kermit.

  12. AWE i just realized i put the wrong time for the anonymous person i was agreeing with:...(
    forgive me?!
    oh wait i think you got what i meant...
    well i just have to comment this again then..
    he seems like a sweetheart!
    Ur awesome Lorabell!


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