July 22, 2009

Just because I can't resist...

New old fan photos that make me go "Squeee!"

Can I have a hug too?

There's no way I couldn't post this - that hair, those lashes, the jawsomeness, those fingers (they, in particular kill me - don't ask me why) and most of all... seeing smiley Rob makes me smile too :) good times!

See more via the Robtastic ROBsessed

- Lorabell


  1. I'm with you Twi about those fingers. Those hands! Oh the things - oh wait, never mind. It might be best if I kept those thoughts to myself...

  2. Me too, TCA! Everything about him draws me in, just like he says in Twilight. His face, his smell, his voice...ah, I wish I new how he smelled. Okay, thats a bit creepy. Reeling in the creep factor.


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