July 27, 2009

Jennifer Love Hewitt is Team Edward

I have never given a rat's ass about Jennifer Love Hewitt, but now I think we could be BFFs. MTV reports that Jennifer Love Hewitt also has a thing for RobWard:
Unfortunately for Hewitt, she didn't get a chance to meet Robert Pattinson at Comic-Con, but at the same time, she isn't sure she'd have the capabilities to handle an encounter with him in the flesh. "I'd pass out. I can't talk about it, 'cause I'd pass out," she said. "It's because he's Edward. Listen, Edward can fly you through the forest. He's like Aladdin with vampire teeth — there's magic-carpet rides. He can sing. He can watch you sleep. He plays music. He sniffs your neck. I mean, please!"


  1. That was so fun!! I love when movie stars act just like me!! I'm trying to think of what part she could play in the next couple movies...

  2. I just posted about JLH and her Twi-obsession last night! I love hearing her talk about it because she gets all excited like the rest of us!

  3. I'm a huge Ghost Whisperer (+ I really liked Party of Five) so I've been a fan of JLH for ages.
    I love that she's a Twilight fan!
    Soooooo cool!
    She rocks.

  4. Oh my god she is such a moron.

  5. ok, she is pretty. I wouldn't want her to be on the set. ;)

  6. Love her!
    I like when she says:They're not girls!They're aliens from another planet who sould not be allow to exist!!!

    I just can't believe that there is any woman-guy or thing on the planet who REALLY thinks that Jaycob is better and more beautifull than Edward!
    expecialy when I hear that Taylor is more beautifull than Rob!!!!!!!!!
    THAT make me nausious!!!

  7. Yet again ANOTHER celebrity jumping on the Twilight band wagon.....

  8. Awwwh Anony 6:11 I don't think she jumping on the band wagon- she doesn't need to jump on anything she has her own career. She sounded so cute and obsessed just like the rest of us!!

  9. i wanna be in the movie too!

  10. haha, she's so right about girls being team edward. but i disagree with her that rob = edward. rob pattinson is his own man and he still has a long way to go as an actor...way way beyond twilight.


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